Glorious Sons With San Sebastion Adam Heenan

Glorious Sons with San Sebastian and Adam Heenan


It was a packed house
at The Mansion last Saturday night as The Glorious Sons, San Sebastian and Adam
Heenan took to the stage.

Starting off the night was the solo acoustic act of Adam
Heenan. He was in a bit of a tough spot tonight being a solo act as he had to
fight over people talking throughout his set. It was a quite unfortunate that
people decided to talk loudly through his set and not listen to his
performance. His set consisted of up tempo and down tempo songs; personally I
enjoyed his up tempo songs compared to his quieter songs. His vocals throughout
his set and depending on the song which he was playing went from a softly toned
pop sound to a little rougher and scratchier rock sound. I much preferred the
pop sounding vocals especially when he moved into a higher pitched sound. At
one point in his set he announced that he used to play with members from The
Glorious Sons which got a loud positive applause from the audience. At the end
of his set the sound guy had disappeared from behind the sound board so it
looked as if we were going to get a couple of more songs but quickly the sound
guy appeared and squashed that idea.

Up next was the explosive band from Hamilton San Sebastian,
It took all of one second when they were given the go ahead before they
exploded onto the Audience. I thought with the opening scream that Mike blasted
out I thought that would be the end of his vocals for the night, but it was
just a small sample of what was about to come. Throughout the set he was an explosive
attribute for the band, even the stage couldn’t hold him down as he quite
frequently left the stage and sang out with the audience. They had a good
memory of the last time they were in Kingston as they kept bringing up their
last time here, and even worked their last show into a intro to a song as well.
They played songs off of their last album Relations and even played us a couple
of new songs as well, their explosive mix of pop, alternative and rock quickly
and easily took over the audience. “Wake Up” was one of my favourite songs of their
set. Throughout their set they had the entire mansion to their feet dancing.
They brought along a couple special guests with them tonight, fresh off their latest
tour and getting home at 4 a.m Saturday morning San Sebastian grabbed members from
The Arkells and brought them down to Kingston. Nearing the end of their set
they brought Mike from The Arkells onto the stage to join in on Vocals, and
also later on they got Andrew up onstage to a much delighted audience. 

To finish off the night The Glorious Sons took to the stage
to a now crammed Mansion. From the stage and to at least five rows people were
crammed right in making moving around almost impossible. It didn’t take long before
a couple of people ending up spilling up onto the stage. While not even having their full album really
released fully yet pretty much the entire audience knew every lyric to every
song that they played during their set. “Mama” has to be their number one song
right now, even with the audience going crazy throughout their set this song
still stands out over top of everything else. My favourite is still “White
Noise” though. “Caroline” was another stand out sing along song, especially
they hit it off with the audience when it comes to singing the title of the
song, I’m pretty sure it is safe to say that pretty much everyone joined in
when it came to singing “Caroline”. Every time I listen to Glorious Sons I seem
to pick up more and more influences which go into their songs. Tonight I heard a
lot more of the Doors in their music, and probably next time I see them play I
will find another few treats hidden into their songs. Now if you’re a new fan
of The Sheepdogs then you will enjoy The Glorious Sons. The energy which these
guys give off and pick up during their set cannot be explained yet you have to
witness it for yourself and quickly tonight the microphone was a subject of
abuse and quickly crumbled from Brett giving the stand a few shots into the
stage. The monitors on the stage were constantly under attack from the audience
tonight as well; as I’m sure they took in a couple pints of beer. By the time The Glorious Sons were finished
for the night, The floor was filled with spilled drinks and everyone who was
left was a hot, sweaty mess.