Gob with Seaway The Dead Sparrows and Monitor Men

How Kpp is able to land such legendary acts and bring them to Kingston and especially The Mansion I probably will never know. Tonight they had to me the Legendary Punk band Gob take to the Mansion stage with supporting acts Seaway, The Dead Sparrows and The Monitor Men.

Starting off the night was a local Kingston band the Monitor Men. This was the first time that I have heard of the band before and I quickly learned that they were a full on Ramones cover band. I think this is also the first time that I have ever seen a cover band open up a show before as well. They did their job as a supporting act goes they were able to bring people up to the front of the stage from the back and got them primed for the rest of the night. They went through ten song before their time was up. They played songs from all over their career and not just sticking to the main songs that you always hear on the radio. Hopefully I’m able to catch them again sometime, because their set was entertaining to watch and see. The lead vocalist had no problems moving around on and off the stage throughout their show. It was also great to see Pat back up on stage after not seeing him play for over a year now.

Up next was the Dead Sparrows, now here is a band for me where they have played Kingston so many times, but I just have been unable to catch them live. After a quick gear problem at the start of their set they exploded from the stage. Their sound was a mix of punk and rock, with lyrics that range from social problems, government problems, to problems that are right in their backyard. The vocals also follow the same type of range as well, with the lead singer switching between almost a metal sound, to a punk and rock sound depending on the song, also his bass was cranked throughout most of their set almost channelling out the guitarist to our right. They didn’t waste anytime during their set either due to the tight time constrains that they had. It wasn’t too hard to tell that they have worked on their songs quite extensively, the timing sounded as if it was spot on, and hit the marked spot for different solos throughout their songs. My favourite song of their set lyrically was “Trent River” and my favourite all around song was the last song that they played, the instrumental aspect of the song is well put together especially when they change up the tempos and the timing that is involved in the song to pull the sound of the song off correctly.

Seaway quickly proved that their still is bands playing polished sounding punk rock songs. Their sound was interesting as they had two lead vocalists, with “Ryan just strictly on vocals and having their lead guitarist Patrick singing lead vocals as well. If you see them live you have to check out the amp that the Bassist uses. For Adam the Bassist being tight to the corner of the stage he was still able to jump around and do jump kicks. They didn’t have to work the audience too hard before they were able to get a small mosh pit going which started and finished a couple of times throughout their set, by about halfway through their set, they had people crammed to the front of the stage and falling over the monitors and up on stage. This wasn’t their first trip to Kingston as they said they played a house concert awhile back. They played us songs from their latest album Hoser also they said they were going to play us a new one that they have been working on, but really they could have said that about any of their songs tonight.

Just before Gob hit the stage “The Boys are Back In Town” came screaming out of the speakers at the Mansion. This was one night where I could feel the entire floor tremble throughout a full set, no matter where I went upstairs. There wasn’t a point in time when Gob was playing a song where people were not jumping around and moshing throughout the front of the stage. It was even to the point where they had to move the monitors out of the way. Tom even had to say it’s “cool as shit but just make sure everyone is safe”. By about their third song Tom’s mic stand had already been stripped of most of the guitar picks even before the show started it had to be replenished, and someone took his set list which Tom said “That’s nice someone took my setlist on me even before I got to the stage tonight. that’s okay I like to fly solo!”. They are on tour in support of their brand new album Apt. 13, we got to hear a couple of songs from the album and a shit ton of songs from their entire career. In fact the first song from their new album “Cold” was played as the fourth song in their set. “Radio Hell” was played about halfway through their set, there is also a video that has been filmed for the song as well. When it came to songs from their previous albums people knew the songs from lyric to lyric, and almost singing louder than Tom was through the speaker system. When “Oh! Ellen “ came on pretty much everyone in the audience was screaming the lyrics out. A couple of people learned real quick what happens when you yell things out at gob in between songs, especially when they were making fun of each other. One guy who had headphones wrapped around his neck got nicknamed DJ Right Said Fred. There were a few songs that I wanted to hear throughout their set I got to hear them all of them except the title track “Apt. 13″. Now I definitely know that I was not the only one looking forward to hearing the songs that I grew up listening to in High School as my age looked about average for the audience which is starting to be a rarer sighting more and more. They kept “I Hear You Calling” for their final song which made the Mansion go insane. By the time Gob was finished the floor of the Mansion had definitely been saturated with enough sweat and beer to last a lifetime.