Golden Dogs with The Main Sail

Friday Night Flying V Productions presented The Golden Dogs with supporting acts The Main Sail

This was the first show of the 2011 concert series for Flying V Productions and it started off with a stellar show. This was the fourth time that I have watched  a Golden Dogs show at The Grad Club. I can guarantee this will not be the last time either.

Every time I go to a concert at The Grad Club you always feel as if you are apart of the stage, and most of the time the musicians end up spilling out into the audience. This night was no different, the members of The Golden Dogs ended up spilling out into the audience a few times throughout their set. As The Golden Dogs started their set James played half of their first song before leaving the stage and standing for most of their set on the side of the stage in front of the speaker.

The night started off a little later than usual around ten thirty rather then the usual ten. MainSail started off the night. This was the second time that I have watched the opening act had a member of The Golden Dogs play in the opening band. This time it was The Golden Dogs drummer “” moving from behind the Drum Kit and out in front playing lead guitar and vocals.

They played a quick seven song set, which was about half an hour in length. Throughout their set there were only a couple of songs which you could have moved them towards a Golden Dogs sound but you could also argue the fact as well. While shedding the more Pop sound which the Golden Dogs contain they carried a more Indie Rock sound. A couple of their songs were really laid back compared to their other songs which helped change the mood of their set a little bit. I was hoping at the end of their set to pick up a ep or a album but unfortunately they didn’t have anything at the door(hopefully to change soon?).   I was a little surprised by the fact that Taylor was playing with a twelve string electric guitar which I do not see being played all that often.  It only took until third song until the drummer David Morton broke his first set of drum sticks, I was surprised by the way he was hitting the kit that he only broke two or three drum sticks. Throughout their entire set he was hitting the kit so hard that I thought that any second he was going to break through any one of the skins. There was a definitely no need in placing a microphone anywhere near the kit. As their set went on  more and more people started to make their way to the front of the stage, but were still hanging around the walls around The Grad Club. One of my favourite songs of their set was “Transportation”. If you are a fan of Sloan you will enjoy this song, especially where the guitar takes the sound to. What I enjoyed the most about the song was the tempo change which happens in the song. This is one of the songs where David pretty much out played the vocals and guitar in the song,  I imagine if I was a bit closer to the speaker I would have been able to  hear Taylor’s vocals and guitar more but from where I was standing at the front of the stage all I could hear were the drums. The Main Sail finished off their set with “Bound The Bud”.

The last time that I saw the Golden Dogs play was at the Ale House opening up for Sloan and their new album was just released so their set list was geared towards the new songs and I was a little sceptical that they were going to be doing the same this night since I enjoy their older tunes a little bit more than the newer album. Luckily their set list did include new and old and even song that are slated to be released in the summer which we got to hear. There were four songs in particular which I really wanted to hear and they played three of them, the one song which I thought was a big surprise that was left off the set list was “Never Meant Any Harm”. I always thought that this song was one of their staple songs to play each night, but I did get to hear “Dynamo”, “Construction Worker” and “Saints At The Gates”. If you were lucky enough to get to the Grad Club early you would have gotten to hear “Construction Worker” during their sound check. During one of the Golden dogs instrument switches James and Jay switched Bass and Guitar and somewhere during the song James ended up cutting his finger on the strings and left a nice little mess on Jays’ bass, which Jay turned the bass towards the crowd at the end of the song to show what he was left with to play on. Throughout the rest of the set James only had his white shirt to wipe the blood from his finger on. It wasn’t long after until a string broke on his guitar either leaving him to switch guitars ( to his Gibson SG) in the middle of the song. A new prop which Dave added to the stage was the use of a strobe light. To start off the strobe light was simply turned on but by the end of the next song Dave finished off the song holding the light up to his face. During the break of each song Dave made sure that there was a limited amount of dead space in between each song, he always made sure somebody kept an instrument going between songs The connection between Dave and Jessica went unnoticed during the break of the songs as well, I could hear a few people around me who were talking about it. During The song “Saints At The Gates” Dave stepped off the stage and into the front row of the crowd to play parts of the song. The Golden dogs were going to finish with the “Birdsong” but at the end of the song Dave yelled out for one more song.