Greg Ball Mr Rightplace album release party

Last night to a sold out show
Greg Ball released his brand new album title Mr. Rightplace.

Starting off the night was
the comical styling of Ange Stever. I will say her rants and jokes were
definitely was not what I was expecting to hear. Sticking pretty close to one
particular theme throughout her sketch she easily widened a few eyes in the
audience. One thing is for sure if you go out on a date with her it is going to
be one he’ll of a roller coaster ride for the better or worse depending on what
you are into. What I Learned was next time she goes to move I’m putting my name
out there because I already own a Tassimo.  Before she left the stage she had to show the
audience what she specifically made for Greg to wear after the show.

After a brief intermission
Greg Ball and Joe Carscallen took to the stage to play a few of songs not from
Mr.Rightplace but already songs that are being written for the next album. All
the songs were acoustic numbers, which a pleasant comfortable listen was
leading into what we were going to hear later on in the set. Greg’s
rock/country vocals really give his acoustic songs an extra punch. The final
song that they played acoustically was definitely my favourite song out of the acoustic
songs. They stayed away from a comfortable strumming pattern and created a
varied sounding songs filled with catchy hooks and riffs. Joe quickly brought
down the house with a wicked sounding lead which received a huge applause from
the audience which brought on huge smiles on both Greg and Joe.

The set list was kept quite
simple as they played Mr. Rightplace from start to finish. Greg’s band
consisted of Lia Dawson on backing vocals, Paul Muller on four and five string
Bass, Mark Fraser on drums, Joe Carscallen on Acoustic/Electric/Keys and Lap
Slide Guitar.

Finally a few of the songs
which Greg has been playing for the past year or so is now finally recorded onto
an album. My favourite song of Greg’s which also appears on the Campfire Liars
Club album “My Forte” is the first song off the Mr.Rightplace album, I have
probably heard this song being played live about a half a dozen times now, and
I still look forward in watching the song being played, They definitely made
the right decision I think with placing this song first on the album, and
starting the show off with. After a quick tuning break Joe then counted in the
song “Down To Size”. The lyrics in the song almost begs the question if they
are written about a real life situation or not. It is still pretty hard to tell
if you could categorize the song as a country or classic rock song. The guitar
aspect of the song leans more towards a classic rock sound yet it is Greg’s and
the backing vocals by Lia that I find pulls the song towards a country song. Throughout
the set Greg took a few seconds during the break between songs to talk to the
audience and thanking them for the support, even calming down a few girls
yelling out, nearing the end of the night it was Ripper that almost got the best
of Greg.  The chatter of the audience started
to get a little annoying later on in the set, to me started to take away from
the songs a little bit especially during “Jackie’s Song” but with the audience
was quieted down quite a bit as they watched Greg step behind Joe and let him finish
off the song with a great sounding solo.

To finish off the set before
the encores they play “Round The Bend”, a much slower tempo song compared to
what was played earlier on in the night. This song had Joe pick up the lap
slide to give the song an extra touch.

As they came out for their
encore set, Greg was quickly reminded of the wardrobe change that he forgot to
make and quickly went into the back and put on the purple women’s “wife beater”.
After the cheering and whistling from the audience they finished up the cd
release party with a few more songs.