Heart with Carmen Townsend

Carmen Townsend started off the night with a solo acoustic performance. When Carmen took to the stage you could hear people asking each other if it was indeed a solo act opening up for Heart. From the beginning song in her set Carmen opened up her vocal chords and let people know. Throughout her set it was her vocals which were talked about the most. My favourite aspect of Carmen Townsend’s vocals was the excellent transition and smoothness while she went from a high harmonic down to a smooth lower harmonic. The tempo of songs changed throughout her set, when the tempo picked up on the fifth song in her set list he received a wide positive response from the audience. During this song Carmen started to move away from behind her microphone stand which was placed in front and center of the stage. During the power chords and vocals sections of the song the audience started to cheer. As the song finished she thanked the audience for the applause. Briefly Carmen started to talk about playing a cover song. A Tragically Hip song was first mention which left the audience cheering but she declined in playing the song because she really wasn’t in favour of the song during the sound check so she spoke the line of “See If You Can Spot This One” and the only time I have ever heard this line before was Eric Clapton on his Unplugged album so she had my ear buds ready to hear the song but instead of a Clapton tune she played  Sinead O’Conner’s Nothing Compares 2 U. It only took the audience two lines into the song to figure the song out which was then met by a fairly loud applause which made Carmen smile throughout the duration of the song. At the end of the song she started to get the audience pumped up for Heart then finished off with one of her more powering vocal ranged songs.

Heart came out on a slight somber psychedelic note while walking out into the intro of Cook With Fire. It didn’t take long for Nancy to strap on a guitar and slowly ease into the song with sister Ann Playing the Flute. The sound of the Flute was pretty much washed out from the audience cheering. When Ann hit her first note on vocals you could tell that we were in for a treat. We Got a retrospective look back on the Decades of Heart from the very beginning to the Present time.

They made sure they played all their classics yet teasing everybody with which song was going to come next. The encore was very intriguing and there were two encore sets with the first encore set being comprised of two cover songs with Zepplin’s What Should Never be and The Who’s Love Reign O’er Me, and saving The classic Dreamboat Annie for very last.

When I first got to my seat I was asked by a couple of people if their music was too old for me and if I had ever heard of heart before which I thought was a little odd but I assured them I knew who Heart was and Rhyming off a few song titles I was left alone for the most part but was still met with a few jabs throughout the night. Halfway through Cook With Fire the audience had all but mostly stood up and was dancing in their seats and started to fill the isles. The night had an emotional turn as Dog & Butterfly began to play, Acoustic Guitars were strapped on and Ann picked up her Flute once again. Ann Began the song with the flute intro which was greatly greeted by the audience, even throughout the songs duration whistling and cheering could be heard. The harmonizing between the sisters was nothing short but incredible to have the opportunity to listen to. Only live could you witness and feel the energy which Ann and Nancy projected from the stage. By the songs end there was the loudest applause yet of the night.

Off of the newer album Hey You was met with positive response. A Autoharp was brought out for Nancy to play on a stand. During the beginning of the songs Nancy was left with the spotlight just on her and the stage was left in the dark, during the first chorus Ann came in with her vocals and acoustic guitar which was still around her shoulders. During one of the verses which Nancy was singing Ann ran her guitar pick down Craig’s guitar strings. I was a little surprised at how vigorously Nancy was playing the Autoharp. Even It Up picked the pace up a little and the audience. While not only mixing in the riff from Gimme Shelter Nancy was running, twirling around the stage and even kicking out a few scissor kicks. Alone was the definite strongest song of the night for the audience, it only took four keys from the Keyboards for the audience to give a monumental applause.

Alone turned into a full on sing a long with the audience cheering while Ann hit her strong chords.  While Ann was singing Nancy sang back up Harmonies which matched beautifully. By the song end the sisters were graced with a standing ovation.  When Barracuda came on to finish off their set I couldn’t get over the raw sound which was coming out of Nancy’s Fender, The sound was just the pure Raw sound which every guitarist craves to hear, from where I was sitting all I could hear was Nancy’s guitar blaring out over the speakers. At the end of the set the audience was back up to their feet and cheering for an encore.