Highs with Pony Girl and Ten Sleep

On Thursday night at the Mansion Ten Sleep, Pony Girl and Highs played to packed show at the Mansion.

If the place wasn’t sold out then it had to be close to it tonight by the time Highs hit the stage. This was one of the sweatiest shows that I have been to at the Mansion in a while with the bodies and the fact that everyone was dancing it wasn’t a surprise that the upstairs could make you sweat by just standing still.

I only managed to catch a couple of songs from Ten Sleep, I honestly didn’t think the show was going to start right almost right away when the doors opened at nine. The crowd wasn’t really there yet as well but it didn’t seem to faze the guys at all. Their sound was a mix of pop and pop/alternative. The guitar work in the songs that I did hear definitely gave their songs the pop sound, as Kynan played in that seemly common higher pop tone. The vocals from Mathijs gave the songs a bit of an alternative edge as he hit played around with tones and decibels in his vocals, but mostly staying to a higher tone.

When Ten Sleep finished I thought the night was going to be an early one and fly right by but there was a bit of a delay before Pony Girl hit the stage. I missed my chance to see them play at the YGK Fest this year when they brought about nine musicians to play with them, tonight however was a knocked down version of that night. It was quiet easy and apparent to tell that these guys were very well trained musicians. Their sound is quite difficult to really break down as it is more an infusion of many different genres and styles but I would definitely stick to more of a Jazz fusion sound. The lengths of their songs were not your ordinary length as a couple of the songs moved into a lengthy sequence due to their fused sound, they managed to fool the audience a few times into thinking a song was just about to finish. One of the main spectrums of their set and sound that I liked the most was their guitar work, it more or less acted as a backing sound or noise depending on your own take, and the speed that their one guitarist could play at was amazing at times, if I didn’t see it for my own eyes I would have guessed that he was using Ebow. Yolande alongside of Pascal delighted the audience with their well performed vocals. Yolandes vocals were another one of the highlights for me of their set. Having recently releasing their latest album we got to hear a few of the tracks  from Show Me Your Fears.

When  Highs hit the stage the Mansion was pretty much packed up, all they had to do was hit the stage for the audience to start cheering. After the first few chords they already had people up off their seats and dancing around the stage. As their guitarist later announced that it’s not a party until someone shoes come off, which did happen pretty much after their first song was finished. They hit a few bumps early on with their keyboards not working properly but that didn’t seem to faze anyone especially once they got things running up properly. They played us songs from their self titled Ep which basically the entire front half of The Mansion was singing along with every lyric to their songs. This was the first time that I watched  Highs or really had a listen to their music which had to make me stand out in the crowd to everyone else tonight. I am sure this is not going to be the last time that I see the band play in Kingston or around as well. Their audience interaction was great all set long between the hand claps and asking for a bit of extra help with their lyrics. They also added quite a bit of extra percussion to their songs when they started to hit the extra floor tom that they had on stage. How they don’t break numerous drumsticks or at least a skin by the way they were hitting the drum throughout their set was quite remarkable.  “Nomads” was one of my favourite songs of their set followed with “Cannibal Coast” which are both off their Ep. They played one song tonight that the audience didn’t know the lyrics to tonight as they played us a new song that they have been working on, which they played around the middle of their set. When they finished their set they were already prepared for an encore but there was no way they were prepared for the audience cry for more with a steady chant of “Ten more songs” coming from the back of the audience. So they played us just one more song and called it a night then they was off to the merch table where they had a steady flow of people already waiting for them.



Pony Girl


Ten Sleep