Hollerado The Pack AD with Wildlife

KPP Presents Hollerado with The Pack A.D. and Wildlife

Kingston Punk Productions on Thursday night played host to another sold out show with Hollerado, The Pack A.D., and Wildlife.

Tonight’s schedule was a early one with the show starting promptly at seven and finishing at around ten, which sometimes is the best time for a concert for the working man.

Opening up the night was Wildlife consisting of a local talent the guys started off what was soon to be an explosive night. With the lead singer stuck in a cast on his foot he was a little limited to moving around on stage but the rest of the members made up for it. He made a couple of jokes during the set for his unfortunate condition. They are out in support of their debut album called Strike Hard, Young Diamond. Their sound varied a little throughout their set going from a power pop sound to more of a rock sound. The lead and backing vocals throughout the set were right on cue, which I find can go astray a little during a set but they managed to keep it together. The synth/keys were a major source of their sound, they helped fill in a few major spots that were left void by the guitars. I found myself enjoying the synth a little more than the keys particular for the abstract sounds. An xylophone was also found within the mixture of the keys and synth. To somewhat sum up their sound with comparisons of other bands I would say they mix a little Born Ruffians and older Tokyo Police Club. It didn’t take long for the guys to start filling the front of the stage, with the relatively small crowd that had made their way upstairs of The Mansion.  Wildlife started to get a few people dancing throughout their set but quickly diminished as the song finished or they were in the midst of slowing the tempo down. They were thanked by The Pack A.D and Hollerado a couple of times throughout their sets for setting up the night which the comments were received by a nice applause each time.

Riff after F’n Riff after F’n guitar riff is what I came to comprise of The Pack A.D halfway through their set. Even though the riffs were not all that difficult to follow or technically sound the hit that you take in the head after listening to the riffs live was something else. You can listen to their songs on Youtube or off of their album but watching The Pack A.D. live was an experience. After the blazing guitar riffs you get the drums pounding inside of your skull to which I have no idea how the kit survives each night with the way Maya wails on the kit all set long. During my interview I had to ask the question on how many times a week does she have to replace her snare skin because of the power and speed which she was hitting the snare all set long. Their music really drove along a few boundaries with Indie/Garage/ Punk /Rock, then with Becky throwing on the brass slide near the end of the set for a bluesy sound. For a two piece band I was amazed by the sound and composure which they attained and only being together for a relatively short period of time. The Pack A.D. rode into town riding high on their latest single Sirens, which they ended up playing as their last song in their set. Their set did get cut short a little because of the tight timelines which were designed for the bands, but they easily made up for it with their solid pounding set. It took Becky a few songs before she came out from behind her mic stand to pull off a few moves, near the end of the set she didn’t stay standing in one spot for very long. To name my favourite of their set is pretty much impossible for me since I glorified the songs the same. But I will sneak in some must hear songs however “Haunt You” “Cobra Matte”, “Sirens”. I need to say again that The Pack A.D. is a must see live band.

It didn’t take very long for the sweat to start pouring throughout the Mansion as Hollerado took to the stage. The guys were wearing the same grey sweaters which they wore during the “Got To Lose” video. It only took a couple of songs before they started to shed the sweaters. They quickly had the Mansion moving and singing and hanging on to every lyric. They quickly took notice to the fact that everyone was singing all of their songs. During the opening to “Got to Lose” they invited audience members in the front row to come up on stage and start the song off which quickly turned into a small battle of the girl not wanting to go up on stage and people trying to push her on stage and Hollerado pulling her on stage. Quickly after the two got off stage the confetti cannons went off into the crowd filling a small portion of the floor with confetti. I was hoping for the size of cannon which they let off at the Ale House a few months ago but these ones were much smaller and let off string confetti instead. I was surprised a little by their set list by the fact that they played “Juliette” as their second song, and played their latest singles later on in their set. Throughout their set they were exploding with energy not matter what the tempo of the song was which ended up making their set seem as if it only lasted for twenty minutes instead of a 45 minute set. If you came out to hear pretty much all of Record In A Bag then you didn’t leave disappointed. At the end of their set they came back out for a quick encore set of songs which included a Queen Cover, which I only have ever heard a couple of bands cover live before.

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