Hollerado with Pelt WIMF

Hollerado with Pelt Friday Night Wolfe Island Music Fest

This was the first time that I have watched a show on the Friday night of the Wolfe Island Music Fest and what a memorable show Hollerado and Pelt put on.

Starting off the night this amazing night of live music was Pelt. Now here is a local band that I haven’t watched live in about five years or so from what Chris and I could estimate when we met up on the Ferry back to Kingston. It is a little unfortunate that they do not play live very often maybe a couple of times a year. I forgot how many good songs they have in their set and they even threw in a couple of covers as well. The one cover caught me by surprise as they played Wooly Bully but in their own unique way. Their stage presence was about the same from what I could remember with Genene up front and creating a room full of hot sweaty dancers including herself, with Moira on keys, Chris and Pam standing to the side of the stage giving Genene as much as the stage as possible and Laura on Drums. It didn’t take long for Genene to grab the eyes and the attention of the guys in the audience with her many provocative dance moves. While only having one Guitar and Bass Guitar in the band Moira on keys really kicks out most of the danceable beats in their songs and was especially noticeable in their live set tonight. One original song in particular that is still stuck in my head is “Five Finger Touch”. They mixed up their set with songs that I have heard before from their first album and songs off their latest full length album title Static in The Attic. It didn’t take long for Pelt to get a line of dancers up close to the stage and also keeping them there throughout their entire set.  By the time their set was complete the room was now packed and they easily heated up the room by about 20 degrees.

This was probably about the fifth time that I have watched Hollerado play live now and this was their best live show for me yet. I thought Pelt could make the place sweat but by the time Hollerado finished this show was now the 2nd sweatiest show that I have ever been to, just to prove a point my drink bracelet fell off from sweating so much. The energy throughout the building during their set was something that I don’t think I could ever describe it was just something that you had to witness for yourself. Most of the props that usually appear in their show appeared including the famed confetti cannons which went off at least four times filling the front few rows and stage with confetti. There was a new prop addition for me which was the glow in the dark beach balls which were constantly being batted around the room and onto the stage until they were pretty much deflated. In the midst of all the off stage excitement the guys put on one hell of a concert, even the stage couldn’t contain the guys very long as Menno left the stage with mic stand in hand a few times during their set.  It was up to the audience to return the mic stand back to the stage after Menno quickly jumped back onto the stage. They mixed their set up with songs that everybody knew every lyric to in the room, a couple covers and even a couple new songs from their upcoming album. The covers might have been over the head on the younger crowd a bit as they played their own version of “Surfin’ Bird”, “Dammit” after a bit of coaching and asking the audience what song they wanted to hear next and not really getting an answer they ended up choosing their own song so they played one of the liveliest version of “Rockin’ In The Free World” that I have ever seen before. Then to top it off with the covers they decided to throw a little ZZ Top La Grange guitar riff out for the audience.  Just as Juliette was a personal song for Hollerado, a song which is going to appear on their new album was also written about the loss of a family member. This song probably garnered the most attention and the most admiration from the audience.

I’m pretty sure it took the noise bylaw to finally put an end to the night it didn’t look like the guys were going to slow down at all, and to finish it all off they grabbed a audience member to come up and play guitar with them onstage.

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