Hot Rock

Fresh off their tour with ZZ Top The main members from Flash Lightnin’ were back at the Dakota Tavern On Sunday Night with a few friends to resurrect their side project Hot Rock. Only in Toronto could a band pack a venue on a Sunday night, and I mean pack the place, by the time they came on stage to play their second set there wasn’t really any room at the front of the stage. Also one of the most surprising things to see for myself was the fact that everyone was dancing and singing along to every song. I’m used to people just standing around and staring at the stage but Tonight Hot Rock had the place jumping. For people who don’t already know Hot Rock set list is made up of Rolling Stones and CCR cover songs. For me is was basically the next best thing to seeing each band live, their performance of each song tonight blew me away. Even the energy throughout their first set was quite impressive and again this is on a Sunday night. The way they blended each band in within the set list was quite clever, they didn’t change the tempo of the set at all by switching from The Rolling Stones and into playing a couple of CCR tunes before they finished up their first set. Two days later I still mentally have their cover of “Under My Thumb” playing in my head and still envisioning their well timed vocals, guitars and drums. My favourite CCR cover would probably have to be “Bad Moon Rising”, The vocal performance of this song was simply amazing, and to me this out weighed the guitars in the song and is a pretty hard thing to do. Now what would Darren be without playing a little slide guitar as well during any set that he plays and tonight he didn’t disappoint as well. After their first set there was about a half an hour break and a few amp and technical changes and Hot Rock was ready to go for their second set starting just before twelve. Now if it wasn’t for this idea of having to work for a living I would have stayed until the very end but unfortunately I ended up leaving a few songs into their second set, which still makes me a little angry at myself for not sticking it out a couple of days after the show.