Ian Spotting Good Question Album Release Show

On Friday night Ianspotting hosted one of the best album release parties that I have ever been to.

I have to say that I was a little skeptical on how many people were going to show up for the show. I knew there was going to be a good turnout, but Ianspotting packed the Elixir pretty much to it’s capacity. You also could not argue with the amount of the admission cost eight dollars and fifteen and when you paid fifteen you also received a copy of their album.

There were three acts scheduled to play and they were Stephanie Earp, Ianspotting, and Slaves Of Spanky. The order in which the three acts were to play was a great idea. Stephanie Earp opened up the show with Ianspotting playing second and Slaves Of Spanky closing out the show.

Stephanie did an phenomenal job opening up the night. Her outstanding vocals were followed with her solid acoustical skills. I was also pretty impressed with the awesome sounding and type of acoustic guitar that she was playing. When Stephanie finished up her first song you could start to see heads and bodies starting to turn towards and face the stage, the audience for the most part were giving her their undivided attention. After a couple of songs of singing solo she invited Meghann onto the stage as side and backing vocals. The addition of Meghann’s vocals only added strength to the already strong performance. Stephanie wasn’t afraid to mix up the tempo and mood of her songs at all. She would play a almost melodramatic pop song and then tone down and play the next song in a slower tempo. For the last couple of songs that Stephanie played Fuzzy from Slaves Of Spanky came up onto the stage and played the drums.

After a brief break which included a couple of the door prizes being tossed out, which were only available to people who purchased advance tickets, the hosts for the evening Ianspotting took to the stage.

This was about the third time that I have watched Ianspotting play live. Friday’s performance was the best performance from the guys thus far that I have been to. Right from the start of the first song they had the audience all to themselves. They proved why they were the winners of Bodog Battle Kingston (with K-Rock), and how they are on the start of a bright foreseeable future.

Their music is a blend of many different genres and when the sound comes together I can pretty much guarantee at least a couple of body parts will be moving to the music, and that is just the sound off coming off their album. The live show version is that sound magnified by about ten times. It is hard to describe the vibe that came over you that Ianspotting put off from the stage, the music just took you and made you groove along with the music and with the band. There wasn’t one second during any of their songs that the band wasn’t using and covering the full stage. If anyone have ever watched Shaun play in any other one of his bands you know exactly what I am talking about.

Ianspotting also had a couple of guests appear onstage to play the songs that they helped out with on the album. My favourite guest of the night was Charlie on the Harmonica. The harmonica added a blues touch to their music, the sound guy did a great job of making the harmonica stand out. Another guest that appeared on stage was Brian who helped out by playing the Congas.

At one point in time during the night the band lost Andrew for about half a song, as he managed to sneak past a few people and he played his bass while he was walking through the bar. At the end of Ianspotting’s set whoever came out to see one hell of a great show they got their wish. Ianspotting proved what a Album release party is all about.

To finish off the night the ever comical and entertaining Slaves Of Spanky took to the stage. These guys are a band where you can watch them perform a dozen times and the show every night will be different and entertaining. Everyone who stayed at the front of the stage of Slaves Of Spanky’s show made use of the dance floor. Their beats does the same to your body as Ianspottings music does, your body just starts to move along to the beats. Slaves Of Spanky are not afraid to throw a little exercise portion into their set, as throw in a few leg lifts. This was the first show that they didn’t play the keyboards at all and they added a new member on The bass. I found that their sound died a little bit though. The keyboards really added an extra beat to their music, but their show was entertaining none the less. Another first for me was this was the first time that I didn’t see them wear a costume on stage. At the end of the night Slaves Opf Spanky did an excellent job on closing out an already successful evening.