Ian Spotting Something Building Album Release Party

On Friday night at the
Mansion Ianspotting released their second full length album Something Building
with guests Slaves Of Spanky and The Torres Project. 

Starting off the night was
The Torres project. For about half their set the guys were playing with just the
dim house lights on stage before the LED lights were turned on for them, which
caught them off guard when they were turned. If you have never watched John
Torres play live before I urge you to go outside see him play. John’s guitar playing
looked and sounded fantastic tonight. It was quite entertaining at times during
their set watching the almost session jams going on in every song. When it came
to the cover songs in their set, they made each cover song their own. While
staying true to the lyrics for the most part however the instrumental aspect of
the songs were completely their own. I couldn’t believe how well the
transitions sounded throughout their set. It became quite the game while trying
to figure out what song they were playing based on the lyrics. The toughest
song for sure was their Beetles cover. My favourite cover song of their set was
when they played “Crazy” by Gnarled Barkley, The vocals in the song
sounded as if it was Jamiroquai singing on stage and the guitar work from John highly
strengthened the integrity of the song and showed off the skills of the band greatly.

After a quick changeover
Ianspotting was ready to show off their new album. They played the entire album
in order for us and a couple of older songs and even played a brand new song
which they have been working on. The band has changed quite a bit from their
first cd release party with almost an entire new lineup and additional members.
The new lineup consists of Shaun Weima on lead vocals and guitar,Andrew Weimar
on vocals and guitar, Rob Radford on drums.They and backing vocals, Lee
Casement on Bass guitar.Their sound is pretty similar to their previous album,
the infused sounds of folk,country,rock and reggae being the major components
to their sound. The influence of reggae definitely comes in part from Shaun by
means of his vocals and acoustic guitar. The folks and country sound I would
have to say easily comes from Rob Radford on drums.They had a few guests join
them on stage tonight by means of a duo horn section, keyboards, and mandolin.
It didn’t take long for Ianspotting to bring the audience to their feet and
dancing in front of the stage. One of my favourite songs from their new album
also seems to be their lead single “Such A Lovely Day”. Earlier on
they were invited into studio Krock to play the song live on air. When they
finished off their set the audience were definitely not going to let the guys
get away without an encore to which the guys eagerly stepped back up onto the
stage and played us a couple of more dance able numbers.

To finish off the night Slaves
Of Spanky took to the stage. Their set tonight was probably the hardest set
they even had to do with trying to break the audience. They had to stop their
detailed few times to see what the he’ll was going on and why people were not
dancing and moving to their songs. It was pretty hard to tell if they were
joking around or actually being serious. At one point early on in their set they
brought chairs up on stage,sat down and said they were mocking the audience by
sitting down and doing nothing. They also took quick offense from people
sitting down and playing on their cellphones, again they stopped their set and
singled out a group or girls sitting beside where I was standing and went right
over and asked what they were on and “Instagram” was the answer so in
true Slaves Of Spanky form they quickly ran with it even posing for photos
later on in their set. They even broke out their own cell phones and provided
the sounds of a Shania Twain youtube video after waiting for the advertisements
to play through. Their cover of “Insane In The Membrane” was one of
the biggest hits of their set with the audience.
One thing is for sure you are
guaranteed an entertaining show when you go to a slaves of Spanky show.