Ill Scarlett with Indian Handcrafts Clockwize Sound Jaded Gentlemen

Ill Scarlett played to a packed house at the Mansion on Wednesday night.

This was probably one of the loudest shows that I have been to at the Mansion in a long time, especially when Ill Scarlett took to the stage. I left just before they started their third encore song and I could still hear Ill Scarlett from the beer store parking lot.

Starting off the night was Jaded Gentlemen, I remember there was something about the band that unbalanced their set for me. It didn’t take long, only about a minute into their set before I realized what it was; it was their guitarist’s composer on stage. After watching him play for about ten seconds it pretty much turned me off from watching the rest of their set.

Up next was Clockwize Sound, now here is a band that I haven’t watched in a long ass time play. Now with a new Bass player they played a few of their older songs as well as a new song which they are currently working on titled “How The Hell Am I Getting Out Of This”. They started off their set with my favourite song from the guys called “Feelin Fine”, the song has a couple of catchy hooks imbedded in the song but it’s the lyrics which take the prize. About halfway through this first song is when they had everybody attention and made quite a few people start to crowd the front of the stage. I noticed Jack had a bit more strength in his vocals from the last time that I watched them play. The guys must work on their timing quite a bit during their practices because they sounded and looked great tonight in that regards especially when they played a bit of an extended version of “Bail Me Out”). In about the middle of their set they played another favourite song of mine called “Bon Voyage”  if you are able to listen to this song especially the guitar work and not get hooked by it then I guess there is no real hope for you. The vocal performance in the song is performed quite a bit differently in this song as they appear almost as a rap/hip hop which again only increases the catchiness of the song.

Up next which had to be for me one of the best “Where the fuck did that band come from” moments this year as Indian Handcrafts took to the stage. I was with pretty much everyone else when I figured the duo of Brandyn Aikins and Daniel Allen were going to be another ska/reggae/punk band, holy hell were we ever wrong. It took the matter of the opening riff in their first song for people to say holy shit and began to head bang. I can’t remember the last time I ever saw a out of town band take a crowd by storm so quickly before and especially it being a crowd at the Mansion. Their take on Metal and Screamo was an instant hit for everyone in attendance. I’m still a little on the ledge about the Screamo genre but they way they mixed it in with their vocals throughout their set really made it more tolerable for me. Daniels guitar playing just plainly killed throughout their set, a few of their songs relied on his finger tapping skills which made for a few killer riffs. Halfway through their short set mostly due to setting up their gear they had the audience in the palm of their hands, More than three quarters of the audience were Head banging to every beat that they were playing at times not even being able to keep up to the speed of Indian Handcrafts. They were playing quite a few songs off their upcoming album, Civil Disobedience For Losers that comes out at the end of the month.

To finish off the night and someway still within the timeframe set out for each band Ill Scarlett took to the stage. Now with the Mansion pretty much sold out they played songs ranging from their beginnings to their latest release the 2012 Ep. People seemed pretty stoked that they were playing almost every song off of the new ep. Just as fast as Indian Handcrafts took control of the audience Ill Scarlett already had control before they even took to the stage. But you could easily pick out the hardcore fans as they were jam packed at the front of the stage and singing to every song almost lyric to lyric. Alex even got to the point nearing the end of the set where he turned the vocal duties over to the audience and for the most part he stood away from the mic and played guitar instead. I’m still impressed by Alex’s vocals for being  ska/reggae/punk band there is quite a bit of room for slacking in the vocal department but he really put out a great sounding set. With about five songs left in their set the place started to get nuts with the back half of the Mansion turning into violent mosh. If only people knew how to mosh properly and not try to injure or push people into the pillars in the middle of the floor. Even the security had a bit of a problem at first trying to calm down the audience. Luckily there was only one guy who thought he could wander up on stage and walk behind the amps almost knocking them over. There were a couple of songs that I was hoping they were going to play including “Heaters” which came in during the encore performance, Nothing Special and Take It For Granted.  One hidden gem of the night came when they played a cover of MIA Paper Planes.

When they finished their set originally they barely even started to leave the stage before people were screaming and screaming for more. Swavek didn’t even get past his kit before he called the guys back onto the stage. I left just about halfway through their third encore song just to beat the rush of people leaving.



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