In The Guestroom 3 album release party

The third and final album for Lee Casement/ In The Guestroom – Redemption In Disguise release party was held at The Next Church last night.  

The concept for the album is quite overwhelming with every song having a different musical guest perform, then to manage to pull off the album live is an entire feat all on it's own.  These album release parties are like no other, for one thing this might be the only time that you get to hear the album being played live, and then having each guest come up on stage and play their songs with Lee is a major accomplishment. With a million things that could go wrong by having different musicians coming up on stage and switching, unplugging and plugging in instruments this album release party in my mind was a huge success.

The setting for the show was almost the perfect setting for the show as well, as everyone had enough room to move around  the stage and pretty much remained centered for their song. The Two piece horn section had a small section to the left side of the stage for the songs which they played on. The overall sound seemed to bounce off the walls nicely and filled the room, This aspect really topped the night off and sounded amazing when everyone joined Lee back onto the stage and closed the night off with "Wake Up from Arcade Fire, the vocals sounded from everyone really put the entire atmosphere of the night over the top.

Starting off the night was Jonathan Tyrell of The Ketch Harbour Wolves playing about a thirty minute solo acoustic set. Before he began his set he explained that the had to change around the lyrics a little bit to make them more kid friendly and in his first song he showed us why which got a few laughs from the audience, but I think it was more so for the setup and meaning of the lyrics than anything. The song "Parkdale Night" was my personal favourite song from his set. My favourite aspect about his set was when he played a deeper finger picking style as the deeper sound fit into his vocals more. Jonathan played us songs from the album which he had for sale in the back of the room and even played us a song that he has never recorded onto a album yet. Jonathan did make an again appearances onstage as he joined Lee with the song "Nostalgia"  Once Jonathan finished his set there was about a two minute turn around before Lee began his first song.  

Another note that I definitely have to make is the fact that Lee has managed to bring a few musicians out of their normal onstage element while performing with Lee. This was the first time that I have watched a couple of  local musicians solely provide lead vocals without a Guitar/Bass in hand including Bill Cassidy with his song "Blood And Faith" and Josh Peck on "Places We Call Home".

One of the loudest and striking vocal performances of the set I would have to say Madyson Doseger gave everyone a good run for their money during her song "Victoria Street Hymnal". Another strong and very powerful vocal performance of the set belongs to Steve Kennedy in "Cupidity Lucidity" there were times where he almost outmatched the guitars and drums in his song. Heather Bell provided the strong lead vocals in the final song of the night "Wake Up" and also provided backing vocals and harmonies throughout the night.  At about mid set one of Lee's biggest personal guests of the night Grant Bresee made his way to the stage to add his vocals on "No Movement".
Just like in the last album release show Gerald McGrath played the electric guitar throughout the night and helped sing vocals as well. Joining Gerald  on lead guitar duties was Shawn Weima who made appearance throughout the set as well. Shawn even added a bow to a couple of selected songs as well which gave the songs the ambiance sound which the keys played by Jay Middaugh just couldn't fill completely. Jeff Babcock was the key drum player throughout the night, not leaving the kit throughout the night. 

Now if you were unable to make it to this incredible show here is the link to where you can buy a copy of In The Guestroom – Redemption In Disguise.