Jackson Browne

On Friday Night Jackson Browne played to a modest crowd at
the K-Rock Centre.

 Jackson Browne had the largest arrangement of acoustic guitars
which I have ever saw before on stage with him. What surprised me even further
was the fact that none of the guitars were going to be plugged in all night, there
was a small microphone set up on stage to catch all of the acoustics. This in
turn brought all the more realization to Jackson Browne’s sound and deliverance
of his songs.

 Before he started to play he asked the photographers to the
left of the stage to not get in the way of any of the audience members and that
there was a spot to the side of the stage left open to take pictures. Luckily I
was to the right of the stage and didn’t have to take in all of the eyes from
the audience as he made this announcement.

 When Jackson Browne led into his first song it was only
after he started to sing the second verse that he announced that he was singing
the last verse of the song already. The joke created a moderate laughter and
applause from the audience who was still filtering into their seats. He made a
quick joke about how the night may turn out already and quickly made the necessary
changes to continue on with his song. After the first song he started to talk
about how be just bought a new guitar in Kingston and made a quick accordion joke
which received a slightly louder laughter and applause then his early joke.

 I really enjoyed his interaction with the audience
throughout the night. He did ask people to repeat what they said a couple of
times before he would answer their questions. The night really turned out to be
a hit for his fans which have followed him through his extensive career.
Jackson did make a couple of comments about how he was getting a little annoyed
with people constantly yelling out song titles especially while he was still
fading out to the song which he was currently playing. My favourite quote came
when he said “I Know Free Bird” which got a loud cheer from the audience but which
also led to people constantly yelling it out the rest of the night. He also
went into saying that he doesn’t hear the song being yelled out but he hears
directions in which to go and he doesn’t take directions. Some people
understood what he was saying but most did not and still continued on with
yelling out song titles.

 When the third song finished Jackson moved on to his
keyboard and explained the story behind his song “The Birds Of St. Marks” which
was quite interesting to listen to. The song was really meant for a guitar but
as he was running around the house looking for a guitar to match with the
lyrics which he just thought of all there was in the room was a piano.My favourite song of the night was the song which he
co-wrote with Glen Fry of the Eagles “Take It Easy”. He took a different turn
going into a couple key points in the song and changed the tempo a little bit
and slowed it down. When the song first started most of the audience was
singing along with him, then when it came time for the “ooooh” section of the
song he motioned for the audience to keep it going. As the song came to a
finish he received the loudest applause so far.The loudest applause came when Jackson started to play “Rosie”,
I don’t know if he had planned on playing the song at all but this was the one
song in particular which was getting yelled out the most. But he waited until the
second set before he played the song. When people recognized the song which was
right after the second note the song received a louder applause then “Take It
Easy” did. Just as “Take It Easy” the audience clung onto every word in the song.
Before the song began a little bit about the history of the song was revealed
which was a little interesting. He also said this was probably only one of a
couple of songs which was not about himself. By the end of the night the Jackson Browne played songs
which spanned his entire career in a intimate and interactive concert and one
of the best acoustic sound concerts which I have ever heard in Kingston.