Joel Plaskett with Hey Ocean

The Alehouse was sold out on Wednesday Night (September 30) for Hey Ocean! and Joel Plaskett. I don’t think I have been to the Alehouse when it has been that full in a long time, I mean the place was right packed full of people. What I was surprised the most was the wait outside to get in at the start of the night. I was probably waiting outside for about half an hour before I got through the door.

I started off the night having a great interview with Hey Ocean! we talked about their new album release, and advantages of being a Canadian Band and having the ability to choose who to sign with. Hey Ocean! came onto the stage around ten and had the crowd dangling onto their songs right from the start of the night. This was also the first time in a long time where the opening band brought people to the front of the stage but Hey Ocean! quickly started to fill the stage front up. I was amazed how close the vocals were live compared to their album. As I praised their vocals in their album the live version was equally as good. The backup vocals were also very well done as well, one song that really stood out with the backup vocals was “Oh Uh”. Hey Ocean! added a little Outkast to the song as well, which ended up staying in my head throughout the workday the next day. Ashleigh also brought out her flute on stage as well and for once you could clearly hear the instrument, usually it gets put in the background from all the other instruments. When Hey Ocean! played their song which included all of the band members playing a percussion instrument the audience was cheering their loudest up to that point during their performance, the song ended up getting the loudest cheer at the end compared to the other songs during the set. Unfortunately there was a little bit of technical difficulty just before the last couple of songs and Ashleigh lost her guitar and the set list lost a song. At the end of the set Hey Ocean! left the stage with everybody wanting more of Hey Ocean!

By the time Joel Plaskett came onto the stage the front of the stage was as full as it was going to get. I have never been packed in so tight with people before like I was then. There was not a square inch left in the front of the stage to move yet people still kept trying to get in front of everybody. I didn’t really know what to expect out of Joel Plaskett I have heard a couple of his songs on the radio but that is the extent of what I knew about his music. I missed his performance a couple of years ago when he played at the Alehouse, and I am glad that I didn’t miss the show this time. Pretty much all of his songs were live and energetic performance. People all around me were pretty much singing along with all of his songs. About half way through the set the band left the stage and it was just Joel and a Acoustic guitar for two songs. Joel was pretty good at adding a few extra lyrics during the second song about Princess St, plus a couple of other facts about Kingston, the second song also leaded into the band coming back onto the stage and picking up the pace again. I am willing to admit that I came to the show waiting to hear a couple of songs and one of them was “Fashionable People”. Joel finally played the song during the last couple songs on the night, but unfortunately the song for me was ruined because of the sound guy doing the monitors, there was a lot of feedback and it happened a few times during the song. I left just before the last song was finishing out and Joel brought a audience member on stage to sing with him.