Julie Dorion with Little Scream

Little Scream and Julie Doiron Live @ The Grad Club

Little Scream and Julie Doiron entertained a pack Grad Club during a early show @ The Grad Club.

Attending a early show every now and again has its perks, usually the sets go a little bit longer and you get home around eleven or twelve instead of the usual one or two in the morning.

Duo group Little Scream opened up the show, with a song which was filled with distorted guitar, and changing tempos. I was surprised at the length of the opening song as well, Little Scream started to play their first song before really introducing themselves.  About halfway into their second song they brought people from the back of the Grad Club closer to the front of the stage and even had people dancing to the left of the stage. The songs throughout their set proved to be over my ears, which didn’t really fit into the type of music which I would generally listen to or planned on listening to. The guitar in a couple of songs was a little too distorted for me also with the addition of the tempo change drastically throughout the set. Another aspect which I noticed in a couple of the songs was the fact that the guitar chords didn’t really change very much in the songs.   I’m not sure if it was the sound form the new speakers that are now hanging from the ceiling or if it was the vocals themselves but mostly what I heard was mumbling which made it difficult to understand what was being sung. There was an elaborate pedal setup on stage as well which became and important factor in their show, as one of the pedals contained a large collection of backing vocals and instrumental parts. During the last song in their set the drummer left the stage and stood to the side, with the extra pre recorded vocals it sounded as if she was singing right over top of her own vocals, so the added effect of backup vocals were pretty much lost.

Julie Dorion came onto the stage rather quickly after Little Scream left the stage. I have never watched a musician talk to the audience as much as Julie did before. She talked a little bit about the history, and the influences as she was writing a couple of the songs. But for story telling this show was a definite miss for fans of Julie. The fan interaction was also a very pleasant surprise as no one took anything too far out of line. There might have been one or two songs where Julie didn’t talk in between each song but this is what really made it a intimate event. About halfway through the set Julie went on to explain about being a Vegan and the products which you can buy but by the time she was done the song she said that she was sorry for trying to push being  a Vegan onto the audience.  At the start of her set Julie explained that they never use a set list and decide which songs to play as the night progresses. “Consolation Prize” became the second song in their set but also became the first song with a mistake as well. After she said the Chorus for the first time she forgot which line came next and stopped the song momentarily to remember the line. After she finished the song she explained that she was thinking of the next song to play for some reason which caused her to forget the line. Tonight also came with a couple of covers as well, This was the first time which I have ever heard an Inbreds cover a couple audience members knew who they were another cover which came later on in the show was a Merle Haggard cover. My favourite cover of the night was their rendition of Nazareth Love Hurts. She explained before the song that every time they perform the cover the audience member who is at the left section of the stage always laughs at the start of the song but tonight the audience stayed a couple of feet away from the front of the stage this was not going to be a problem tonight, but she didn’t say what song they were about to sing. When they started to sing Julie was actually the first one to break after the second line, which the audience followed with laughter, After they settled down they restarted the song again and finished without too many more complications. Another type of rendition which they did was House Of The Rising Sun but Julie took the string picking portion of the song but switched the chords out with new ones to make a new song but still sounded familiar to everyone. The show was originally going to be over at ten but Julie just kept playing she asked Virginia a couple of times how many more songs can she play, one time it was a couple more then it was five more. By the time Julie said this was going to be their last song, an audience member yelled out an older song from one of her first albums which looked as if it had enthralled her so she obliged and played the song.

Little Scream

Julie Doiron