Ken Tizzard with Blind Mule

KTBI with Blind Mule


On Thursday night at the Merchant Tap House once again
welcomed back Ken Tizzard with Bad Intent and openers Blind Mule.

The show tonight was quite an intimate one, but for a
Thursday night there was still a decent audience in attendance.

Blind Mule has definitely been one of the more entertaining
and comical sets that I have watched in awhile. The songs that they played caught
me by surprise a few times in their set, and especially the delivery of a
couple of their covers as well.  They are
currently on tour in support of their Self Titled Debut Ep. We got to hear a
pretty good sample of their album throughout their set, it was their reggae,
rock steady sound that I enjoyed the most throughout their set.  When a opening band starts off with a cover of
The Band then you know you are in for a good time. If there was ever a Micheal
Stipe lookalike contests then Graham would take first prize easily, he also
sings lead vocals and guitar. A lot of their stage presence/theatrics and sound
I would say easily came from Graham, especially when everyone was still sitting
down and not up dancing it didn’t faze him at all and put in a good hard effort
to bring people to their feet. I am not able to clearly describe the face slap
solo which he played during “Land Down Under”, yet it had to be the funniest
and one of the most creative live tricks that I think I have ever watched and
heard before. When you look at Jonny on bass guitar you think you are going to
hear a country or folk song but when he quickly went into a reggae style song
with the vocals to match it brought me right into Blind Mule. Jon on keys really
nailed a few of their songs especially when it came to a couple of solos in their
set. I urge everyone to hop over to their CBC page and have a listen to “Pickin
Up Your Feet”, and listen to the song at least once.

This was the fourth time now that I have watched Ken Tizzard
with Bad Intent live now and I guarantee I will be in attendance the next time
they are in town again. Every time I see them play I can’t wait for the next
time they are in town, there is something about their songs that draws me
deeper and deeper into their sound. It has taken me a couple of shows to
finally understand Ken’s pedal steel playing and also the large undertaking
that Ken takes each night while playing lead pedal steel.  While playing songs from their album The
Goodness Of Bad Intent, they also slip in a few cover songs as well. Starting
off their set tonight was an original “Get Over It”, followed with “Time To
Remember”. There are a couple of staple covers which the guys play each night
which include AC/DC Brian Adams and Tom Petty. I particularly enjoy the mash up
and the lead into during a couple of the cover songs. With the AC/DC cover sometimes
it gets played on the electric guitar and sometimes on the pedal steel. There are
a few originals that I look forward in hearing each night and tonight all of my
favourites were played and Ken also explained the influences in a couple of
songs as well. “This Town Of Mine” thankfully has been played at every show and
tonight the song was played again, there is quite an interesting story which
belongs with this song. “The Other Side Of Wrong” is also another staple song
which I have to hear each night and every time I watch this song I always have
to watch Dave on drums during this song. To finish off the night Billy Idol’s “Rebel
Yell” blared out over the speakers.