Kidstreet with Young Empires

On Wednesday night Kingston Punk Productions brought back Kidstreet to Kingston Playing at the Mansion with Young Empires and local musician Joey McWilliams.

The night started a little early with solo musician Joey McWilliams taking to the stage first. I missed the first couple of songs that Joey played but I came in to catch a few songs with a mixture of Original and cover songs. Joey took to the stage as a solo acoustic act. One cover in particular became a special moment for Joey as he announced before he played “One Great City”. He just lost a close friend a couple weeks before this show and his friend taught him how to play this song, just before he started the song he apologized to the audience to forgive him if he gets too choked up while he played the song. By giving that statement I’m pretty sure he choked up every girl in the audience. To finish off his set he played two original songs consisting of one which was rather short and seemed to catch a few people off guard with questions being asked if that was it. Joey finished out his set with another original song.

Quickly up next was Young Empires, who are out in support of their brand new album which was just released a couple of days ago called Wake All My Youth. With all of the attention which the band has recently received and wicked set which they put on I’m glad I caught them now cause I have a feeling they may not be back to Kingston for awhile. Their set consisted of songs from their new album and we even got to hear a song that is in the works for their next album. The main aspect which you have to watch for during their shows is their timing. I couldn’t believe how they were able to pull it all off with the difficult technical music that they were playing. Even with everyone for some reason still sitting back in their chairs it didn’t seem to discourage the band at all as the lead vocalist Aaron didn’t seem to slow down at all during their set. Jake and Matt both traded in their instruments a couple of times throughout their set to pick up a pair of drum sticks and helped out by adding in more percussion to the songs. I kept changing spots throughout their set to find the best spot to take in all of the percussion and synth sounds coming from the stage. The mixture between the live drums and the drum beats that the laptop was pumping out sounded awesome together. I was still surprised by the techniques the guys were still using in their live set, even while having a laptop running backing tracks on stage. Usually bands tend to put a lot of weight on their laptop during their set, but I was still surprised by how well and heavy the guys were still playing their instruments especially the synth. Normally I just see musicians staying within the centre of the keys and not really touching any of the dials but no Young Empires they were all over the place when it came to their Synth’s. They decided to slow things down in around the middle of the set but first asking the audience if it was okay with them first, then they asked to have the lights dimmed a little to match the mood of the song. After the slower song was done they sped things right back up right and poured it on until the end of their set.

Kidstreet surprised me when they started their set, I thought they were still getting everything together but they actually got everything together rather quickly and just started to play before even mentioning that they were ready to go. The first song that they played was an instrumental song, which turned the tide on the night and quickly brought everyone to their feet who were still hiding out in the background. I would like to know how long it takes Cliff to come down after a show. Throughout the entire set I don’t think he stood in one spot for more than five seconds. Seconds before they started into their second song Cliff jumped off the stage with a whistle in his mouth and a spare one to give out, one audience member was already prepared as he brought his own which caught Cliff off guard for a second. Quickly Cliff was back to jumping around the front of the stage on the stage blowing his whistle in not quite unison with the two other whistles out in the crowd. The synthesizer played a huge roll in Kidstreets sound as well especially when it came to the vocals, Edna added many different vocal effects throughout the set. For some reason I really found myself toning in and listening to the reverb vocal effect the most. Just as Young Empires Kidstreet also takes the advantage of using backing tracks as well especially when it comes to the drums. There were a few times in their set where I thought the bass wasn’t going to be able to get any heavier but how quickly I learned that I was wrong. Karl didn’t stay stuck to his throne for the entire set either, there were quite a few time which he got off his seat and helped out Cliff hitting random items around the stage his drums sticks. Nearing the end of the set Edna introduced each member of the band and since we were a intimate crowd she went on to joke about the common misconception about the band and the fact that they are brothers and sisters. After they finished their set they left the crowd yelling for more it looked as though they were going to play an encore song but the house music came on ending that idea.