Kill Matilda Terrestrial Us With Wolves

Us With Wolves started off the alternative music tonight. They played quite a few songs in their set, they definitely went long than I was anticipating their set lasting which in the end left us leaving The Mansion around 2 in the morning. They played original songs and covers as well. Their cover songs could definitely use quite a bit of work especially their Nirvana cover at the end of their set. It took them a couple of songs to settle down on stage at the start of their set, but they did have a few people standing in front of the stage to catch their set. The audience was about the same length of time before they fully got into Us With Wolves Set. Hopefully the next time they come to town they have worked on their songs more and have a more definitive sound. Their mix of pop/rock and alternative was a little off sounding during their set.

Up next was Terrestrial with their new formation that I haven’t been able to check out yet. Now that they are down to a four piece band and a new Bassist their sound is definitely different from what I am used to hearing. It is going to take a couple of shows for me to watch before I get used to this new sound. The new sound is quite a bit darker than what I remember it being. Also now with just having Curt playing guitar he can really control the full outcome of the songs. His style and Johny’s style are almost completely different so it is going to be interesting when the guys hit the studio once again in the coming weeks. Now without a “Rhythm” guitarist in the songs they sound really stripped down and almost a little bare compared to what I am used to hearing.  Matt tonight was off the wall with energy and excitement tonight. It is great to hear and see that he has the screaming down now, and his levels are staying closer to being intact. But no Terminator theme song, just had to slide that one in there.

Now with the time running around one in the morning Kill Matilda took to the stage. This is the second time now that I have seen these guys live, and once again their set was killer. They were quick in making me to remember to put my ear plugs in, cause their set was quite loud. It was a little shitty that more people didn’t stick around to see this wicked set, but it didn’t seem to matter to Kill Matilda at all they still gave it their all. Their set is definitely paved down to a science they know their spots on stage and exactly is coming next. Now if Dusty’s vocals don’t make you a fan of the band than nothing will. Her screams and singing throughout the set is impressive, how she is able to pull off both style and not throw out her voice every night is quite impressive. It is quite easy to see that Mykel and Dusty are a couple as you could see them a couple of times throughout their set coming together in the middle of the stage and sharing a few glances with each other. We got to hear songs from their I want Revenge album and their latest. #Punk #Zombie #RockNRoll. Now with only a handful of people left tonight when they finished their set, they still agreed to stay onstage strap back on their instruments and play us one more encore song.  Kill Matilda is on their way to play their first ever US tour after touring cross Canada countless times so I say good luck on the rest of their tour.