Kim Churchill JD Edwards and Tom Savage Trio

On Thursday night Kim Churchill, JD Edwards and The Tom
Savage Trio took to the stage at The Mansion for what I will say was a
memorable night.


It was unfortunate that more people didn’t come down to the
Mansion on Thursday night. The place did have travelers coming and going as the
night progressed on. It was diffidently Kim Churchill that brought most of the
crowd in.I was able to catch Kim Churchill
perform during his sound check and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and
hearing. As I headed up the stairs in the Mansion I would have swore that it
was a full band that was playing on stage but when I got in all I saw was Kim
front and center. The best quote that I can think of during his set and after
his set is “Holy Shit This Guy Can Play”. Not only does he fingerpick/Tap/
Fretboard Pick, but he also plays the Bass Drum, Tambourine, Stompbox,
Harmonica and a wide array of Pedals. If Kim was to play at the Canadian Guitar
Festival he would be a sure favourite to win. I could sit there and watch him just play his acoustic guitar all night
and when he adds the beats and rhythm to the song with kick drum and tambourine
I was just blown away. Also to top it all off Kim is only 19 years old (19
I can’t even imagine
playing like that ever in my life. Many of his lyrics are well thought
out and about a few of his real life experiences. A couple of the stories that
Kim told and explained were quite interesting. We also got to hear a couple of
new songs which included the song “Ember”. Kingston was one of the last couple
of stops that he had left in Canada, before he goes back to Australia.
Up next following an act that I don’t think many would want to be was JD Edwards.
This was his second set of the night. He originally started of the night with
about a thirty minute set. Making a stop in Kingston on his way across eastern
Canada JD Edwards brought his collection of Prairie, Country, Rock Canadian
songs. What I liked the most about his performance was his vocals. You could
almost feel the depth which he has put into his lyrics, they also didn’t have a
country twang but a raspy almost east coast tinge. Unfortunately for JD a
couple songs into his set while playing a softer slower tempo song his D string
broke on his guitar. This must have happened to him before because he had the
old string off and the new string on in about thirty seconds. While his string
was being replaced JD started to explain the meaning behind the song that he was
going to sing without his guitar, He also added in one of his many harmonicas
that he brought on stage to play. One of the last songs that JD played was a
song that he wrote inside of a workshop with street kids in Winnipeg. The song
was a lot different compared to the other songs which he played earlier on,
this song was pretty much written for fun and had a funky additive added to the
lyrics and guitars.

Tom Savage Trio came onto the stage to finish off the night. This is
about the third or fourth time that I have watched Tom Savage Trio play live. Tonight
they had Chris playing drums again; I haven’t seen their other drummer play
live yet. There is a couple of covers that’s pretty much a guarantee within their
set list, there is going to be at least one Neil Young song, but they do not go
the conventional route that you normally would hear. Their song arrangement is
a very collective one, as they border along Country, Classic Rock, Blues and with
the inclusion of a couple of covers thrown in. One thing that I have noticed
more and more is that Tom likes to Jam out within almost every song that he
plays, and his facial expressions usually come close to what he is playing, he
gives blues players a good run for their money. Also I don’t think that I have
ever seen a drummer enjoy playing as much as Chris does, I don’t think the
smile on his face left the entire time that he was playing, he is not out there
to play but to have a good time as well. By the nights end the Mansion had
started to thin out a little bit from when they took to the stage, but still
not a bad crowd considering the time that they finished playing.