Kingston Indie Lounge #51

Indie Lounge #51

The Elwins

Behind Sapphire

Left Foot Yellow

Tuesday night’s Indie Night Lounge offered probably one of the most musically diverse shows that I have ever been to. While somehow managing to jam in five bands, that’s right five bands into one night covering everything from Pop, Acoustic to Alternative Rock.

From the time the night started I didn’t think that they would get through all of the bands but somehow the show ended just before the Mansion closed for the night. The line up of bands was set out a little different than what I would have done with the Elwins starting the night off followed with Behind Sapphire, The Ending To This Story, The Torres Project and Left Foot Yellow. The touring partners were matched up but I would have put the acoustic bands first then let Behind Sapphire, The Elwins and Left Foot Yellow.

This was the second time now that I have watched the Elwins play in Kingston, but they are no strangers to Kingston they have played here a few times now. They have expanded a little since the last time that I saw them play by adding a fourth member to the band. Just by adding in the new member their sound has expanded greatly. Now Feurd have moved form playing bass and to guitar, and keyboards. Only in my interview with the band did I find out that the hardest part for Feurd switching instruments was the fact that be had to originally learn to play Bass and now learn the keyboards. I was surprised by how much their songs have changed since adding the new member. A few of their songs off of their Ep had quite a different sound to them now. They started off their set with a whistling number “Larry Pastorus”, which is also probably one of their catchiest songs. I was interesting at some points in their set watching Feurd as he was juggling between his guitar and the keyboards. Even though the keys were not used all that often the impact that they made to the songs benefited their set greatly, this is where the expansion of their music really came out. While not only getting to hear the songs off of their EP we got to hear new songs that they have been working on as well. One of my favourite songs “Time To Kill Time” played out third on their set, there is something about the instrumental break in the middle of the song which I am always looking forward to each time I hear the song especially live. I also have to mention their line of Merchandise which they bring with them for it is ever expanding from mini pillows, sunglasses, I pod pouches, shirts, stickers, but I’m not sure if the Mr. T holiday cards which they were creating downstairs earlier in the night was going to make it or not. To finish off their set they thought they would teach the audience a new song and invited all of Behind Sapphire up on stage to learn the song with them. Most of Behind Sapphire made it to the stage and they did the best impromptu dance party on stage that I have ever seen at the Mansion.

Up next was Behind Sapphire, their set was one of the most interesting sets of the night I must say. It all began at the starting of the night when the lights were dimmed so the stage was almost pitch black, I was thinking they were going to play a nice quiet song to start things off but instead they caught everyone off guard by playing their instruments as loud as they could in a jam song. The Jam definitely gave the speakers a run for their money on  the intro. After the intro song they ushered in a mild tempo song with “Oh My What A Fine Day”, their set was a mixture of fast and slower tempo songs with the five songs which they played. It didn’t take long before a couple of strings broke so while Matt from the Elwins came to the rescue we go to learn about the candy which you can get in Montreal and their experiences while there. One interesting effect which I have never saw being used before for was Matthew using his Trumpet to channel his vocals through which created a cool sounding reverb effect. Lindsay was kept busy through the night as well as she was on vocals, guitar, and keys. They played songs off of their soon to be released Diamonds album which they are currently working and reworking on. They also got in to the festive mood quickly with a song called “Christmas Nigh”.  I was left really impressed with Matthew’s vocals purely from the ranges which he was hitting while also adding a high level of Jazz influence into the songs. The experimental pop aspect of the band showed up in all of their songs. The extra percussion from Matthew on stage and how they didn’t break any drumsticks while playing the floor tom is still surprising to me.

One of their most interesting songs of their set was their last song called “Tahera” we got an explanation of the songs before they began to play it but if you want to hear it for yourself you can listen to the interview I had with them before the show. So if you are in for an exploration mode Behind Sapphire is a band to check out.

Now it was time for the acoustic acts to take place with local band the Torres Project and solo act The Ending To This Story. Starting things off was The Ending To This Story, dubbed as a solo acoustic act he actually play to the backing of a full band that he has recorded on his laptop which he currishly flips through before each song starts.  Unfortunately during his set the place started to filter out a little and you could hear the piercing sound of the metal door opening and closing. At some points in his set it was almost difficult to tell the difference between the live act and the recorded act. I think he may have been better off playing without his laptop running throughout his set.

This was the first time in a long time that I have watched John Torres play live. The Torres Project is a duo format with John and Mike both on acoustic guitars. Later on in the set John becomes a bit of a beat boxer to help fill in the voids in Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity. I could probably just listed to the two of them just play their guitars and not have any vocals throughout their set. I’m not knocking their vocals in anyway but I found myself almost knocking out the vocals and focusing on their instrumental playing instead. Their set was mixed with cover songs and original songs, I was surprised by how long their set was I thought they were going to be limited to a short set due the lateness of the night so far. They did a wicked cover of Virtual Insanity which brought me back to think of the original video for the song. Another notable cover  they did was their version of Roxanne. To finish out their set the played a quiet slide guitar for Faith’s spoken word called “Piano Man”.

It’s funny who seems to stop in at the Mansion to play tonight there were members from Degrassi – The Next Generation cast on stage. The members are Jamie Johnson on Guitar, Arash Tanzadeh on Bass and Shane Kippel on Drums. With what I thought was a hard thought out band name which turned out to be probably one of the simplest names of all time Left Foot Yellow. Probably the most intriguing part of their entire set was the fact that they were purely instrumental. They had such a wide mixture of arrangements going on in their songs. For the most part their genre was alternative, but there were hints of blues due to the slide guitar, Rock, and a little bit of the eighties metal. After the first song I thought maybe they were just introducing us to their music without the vocals but after halfway throughout their second song and the fact that the only one moving on stage was the bassist I kind of figured that they were just going to be an instrumental band. When I talked to the band earlier they said that they were looking for a lead singer but after listening to their songs I don’t really see how a singer would fit in with their songs. For the most part their songs sound as if they are just a jam between the three members. The drums and guitars do go together a couple of times but for the most part is seems as if they are just playing by themselves, but I will say their timing was pretty good with each other and especially to the fact that they didn’t really have to cue in each other. Throughout their set there were a few good riff that Jamie did play and he made use of pretty much every pedal that he had at his disposal. One of my favourite all time pedal which he used and came out on top was the Cry Baby pedal. Too many times have I heard people destroy the integrity of the pedal by not know how to us it properly