I originally planned on attending the show for the eight o’clock set with Killing Time but when I finally arrived at the Alehouse I realized that I still had my camera battery on charge so it was back to Sydenham to retrieve my battery. By the time that I got back to the Alehouse it was a couple of minutes before Thick As Thieves.

Thick As Thieves is a band which I have tried to make it out a couple of times to watch but I have always seemed to be at a different show every time. Now I wasn’t sure if Thick As Thieves played any original songs or not but for a Rock  cover band they were pretty good. I was surprised by the wide range of genres and songs which they were covering. They played at least one of my all time favourite songs which I have never heard being covered before. They also pulled a good position in the band line up as well because they just started after the 60’s to 90’s cover bands finished and there was still a full audience left for them to play to.  The audience did seem to filter out a little bit as the sets got a little heavier and louder. Thick As Thieves started their set off with “Knock Down Walls”. Followed with a surprise to me Danko Jones “Active Volcanoes”. By the time they started up their third song “Everything Is Automatic” this is where my ears started to perk up a little bit more. Marty ‘s vocals were not as harsh as the original but still went along well with the song. Up next came a Big Sugar Song “The Scene”. These guys are the second band which I have watched cover this song. When it comes down to trying to copy Gordie Johnshon on guitar and be able to pull it off I will always give them praise for doing so. The comedic front man which Marty is he was usually filling in the vocal voids in their songs by busting out a few dance moves or doing something to the guitarists. One of my favourite moments came when Marty said “ You can yell out your requests but were not going to fuckin play them”. It took “You Could Have Been A Lady” before they gathered a group of dancers onto the dance floor. Jumping down the set list to my favourite song of their set “That Song” by Big Wreck. When the song started I couldn’t really believe what I was hearing at first. Their cover was an awesome cover of the song. The vocals were a little smoother and not as high as the original song but wtill nailed the song for me. Thick As Thieves finished off their set with the second Tragically Hip cover with “Little Bones”. During the opening lines of the song Marty decided to grab his crotch which made the people who had just returned to the dance floor laugh and have a grossed out face at the same time.

Day Street Brothel hit the stage next and seemed to have turn the volume up a little bit louder. Am I ever glad I brought my earplugs for the rest of the night because I don’t think I would have survived at all. Tonight was the first night which Doug introduced us to his new guitar in his collection a copy of Zakk Wylde’s  Bullseye Epiphone. What I like the most about the Day Street Brothel is the fact that every time I watch these guys play their setlist is always fresh and new it is never the same and they are constantly working on new songs. Tonight they opened up with their theme song “Tales From The Day Street Brothel”. I was mad at myself for missing their album release party for The Good Girl You Were Before. Day Street Brothel did play a couple of songs off their new album including Rabbit King which is sung by Ryan, this song sounded good recorded but being there to watch them play it live was something else. Other songs off the new album were “I Don’t” “I’m Alive(because of you)” and “Hell Yeah”.  During their songs “Untrue” they started a small mosh pit in front of the stage and had shoes flying around by the end of the song. One thing that I really noticed the most was how much more vibrant they were on stage especially Jonothan. I don’t think he was in the same place at all for a couple of seconds. “Because Of You” brought a few more people closer to the front of the stage and even had a couple of people dancing. When Ryan took over the vocals for “Rabbit King” the mosh pit moved back a little bit more from the stage and the speakers were just pumping out the volume for the song to the point where I could feel the air running through my jacket at the front of the stage. During their cover of Black Label Society which I was surprised came further down their set that I thought it would, the song received a wide applause from the audience and it looked like Doug had a lot more joy in playing this song then ever before. I was surprised that Doug actually but down his new guitar and strapped on his Lighting Dean guitar. They thanked Sideshow for playing their first ever single on the radio before they played it but they added a little extra to the song. They put a new twist on “Rockin In The Free World” that I have never heard before. I also have never heard the song being played as heavy and loud either. They added a little extra metal edge to the song and slowed the song down during the bass line. Their final song of the night was the first song off of their new album “Hell Yeah”

When Revmatic took to the stage I realized this was the first time that I have ever watched them play live before. Right away they started to show off their amazing guitar skills which they kept up all the way through their set. When I started to go through my pictures of their set the next day I couldn’t believe how adaptable they are while playing for the crowd and for pictures, I probably went through about three hundred pics alone because of that.  Revmatic had a supply drummer in for tonight which was Keith’s brother Peter. Considering he hasn’t played with the band in a long time if they didn’t say anything you would have never noticed. There were only a couple of visual cues but other than that Peter did an awesome job on drums. During their third song “She’s The Drug” their set turned a little heavier. The guitar work and the chemistry between Jay and Nathan was something to watch and hear, the timing was absolutely huge in this song and including the rest of their set. Their was a very loud booming bass coming out of the song “Such a  Disease” just like “Rabbit King” the bass ripped right through everything in its path. The tempo of their set slowed down a little with “Such A Disease”, they made up for it with Nathan showing off a slight portion of his shredding skills. One cover of note was Kiss “Detroit Rock City” they  played a killer sound intro for the song which in turn pumped up the audience. The vocals during the song were a little smoother than I thought they would have been but still great none the less. At the end of the song they thanked the audience for the applause and Jay kicked with the line “Thanks, It’s out first day”. The next song pumped up the tempo and Jay and Nathan took control of the stage with their synced timing and guitar shredding. Their next cover which they did was Guns’ N Roses “It’s So Easy” there is nothing in the song which beats the opening bass line which Keith Pumped out. They pulled out all the stops during their final song of their set while showing everybody why they were on the bill tonight. Nathan used this opportunity by showcasing more of his skills between verses.

Suns Of Static were the last band to play, I was quite surprised that the schedule stayed only about ten minutes behind schedule throughout the entire night, but there was a problem with their singer Ryan because he had a earlier gig in Belleville and was on his way in the snow storm so they didn’t start until around quarter and one. The only problem I find going to shows in Kingston in the winter time is the parking I had to leave their set early because of this, which ticked me off but I really didn’t want another twenty five dollar fine. When they did finally take to the stage I couldn’t believe how many people were still in the audience and they let out a good applause when Suns Of Static started to play. Ryan came out flying on stage and got the crowd going. When they played “Living Like A Time Bomb” they brought a pair of blondes to the front of the stage which right away grabbed the entire bands attention, it even brought Bill’s first audience guitar pick throw. I was surprised that they volume was turned down a little bit for them, which was a little nicer on the ear drums. When they played “Alien Sunbeam” which comes alive and kicks you right in the head live because of Bill’s guitar riffs their timing was excellent, during the vocal break in the song Ryan tore up the front of the stage. These guys are the only band which I have ever heard play a Living Colour cover, tonight they played “Cult Of Personality” some people knew the song but you could tell a few people didn’t know. Ryan nailed the high pitched vocals in the song, and the Geoff’s heavy Bass gave the song the extra pounding which it needs. They also smoothly mixed in Lenny Kravitz’s “My Momma Said” and “Always On The Run”. A first time cover for me that I have heard from Suns Of Static was “All My Life” this was the rawest and harshest vocals which I have heard Ryan sing yet.  Just after they finished the Foo Fighters cover song I saw that it was time to go beat the parking patrol. I asked around how the rest of their set went and I heard that they played until it was time for The Ale House to close.

The Day Street Brothel