KPP Presents Die Mannequin, T3rr3strial, The Indecent, Statue In Ashes

KPP   Presents Die Mannequin, T3rr3strial, The Indecent, Statue In Ashes


Friday night at the Mansion
Die Mannequin made their return back to Kingston with a different lineup of
opening bands. Tonight’s lineup was Statue In Ashes, The Indecent and

The opening band tonight was Statue
In Ashes . Being a high school band they brought in quite a few of their
friends in to watch them play. Instrumentally they were great, their drummer
really surprised me. Their set got a little sabotaged due to the fact that
their lead singer was standing off the stage and close to the monitors so their
set was constantly berated by feedback. Now for me their set was really killed
due to the childish antics from their lead guitarist. I watched their first
three songs then I couldn’t take it anymore and moved to the bar and pretty
much ignored the rest of their set.

Up next was T3rr3strial, they
seemed to have picked up a good time slot as the underage audience were still
allowed to stay for their set. Tonight they brought out all new material to
play and I have to say this is some of their best work. Tonight they had Josh
fill in on Bass which was quiet a difference hearing him play T3rr3strial songs
compared to what I am used to hearing him play. They didn’t have the length of
set that they really needed as they were told to cut their set short. Starting
off their set they played “Matador”, and right away you could tell that
they have been hard at work creating new songs. Johnny was psyched right up to
play before they started and during the set as he would start jumping up and
down. The timing between matt and Curtis was pretty good tonight and even the
timing of the whole band sounded great. Matt seemed to be a little more
cautious about the timing and carrying on as he sometimes does. His ranges
sounded good with the new songs, especially the levels which would blare out
seems do to fit into the song. Just as the openers their set as well was marred
with sound guy issues. My favourite song of their set was their final song of
their set which is titled Sharks In Our Swimming Pools. When Matt opened the
song up with a killer sounding keyboard riff it was easy to tell that this song
was going to be killer.

Up next was Indecent, this
was the first time that I have ever seen a high school band have two stage
techs working for them before. There set was not too bad, vocally their set
could have been a lot better. It sounded as if she was going for a 90’s
alternative and grunge sound (Cranberries, Garbage, Hole) but live her vocals didn’t
quite make it. At times it was a little hard to tell what she was singing as it
sounded like she was mumbling through the lyrics, but if you listen to their recorded
material it is the complete opposite, and make you want to listen to more and
more. They are currently touring with Die Mannequin and supporting their Ep
titled Control. Their drummer Nicholas Borrows was pretty much the entire show
for me, watching him play through the first song made everyone including me
just stand back and look in amazement. I mean holy damn could Nicholas beat the
hell out of the drums. It probably helps a bit due to the fact that he is the
son of Canada’s alternative kings The Tea Party Jeff Burrows. There were a few
song similarities that you could pick up during their set especially through
the guitar and bass riffs. If you have listened to the Big Shiny Tunes albums
then you will have a good grasp on a few of the similarities that you will
hear. I eventually just paid attention more and more to Nicholas throughout the
rest of their set.

I have lost track now how
many times I have watched Die Mannequin play live now, I know it is at least
six times. Their set tonight was definitely a lot grungier and rawer then I
have seen before. Care Failures’ voice had definite marks from the tough world
of touring and playing like she does. She has gone from singing the higher
notes in a few of their songs to changing it up with different lower raspier
vocal sounds. The energy from their live show is still fantastic to watch
especially standing right in front of Care, how the microphone stand didn’t
crack me in the face as she was throwing around the stand throughout the set is
still a surprise to me. Even the stand couldn’t keep up to the abuse and
eventually gave up at the end of the night. And Loud their set has definitely
never lost that aspect yet, my ears were ringing for a couple of days after
this show. Anthony Bleed had an interesting bass set up tonight as he was down
to three strings on his vintage beat up touring bass, I have seen beat up
instruments before but nothing comes close to the gear of Die Mannequin. Stacey
Stray seemed a little more energetic compared to their last show tonight, it is
always a blast to watch Stacey and Anthony try to keep up with Care throughout
the set. Tonight it didn’t take long for Care to jump off the stage and take
off around the Mansion and end up standing and singing on top of the bar.
Tonight marked the first time I have seen and heard a lead singer grab two
microphones and use every hole in their body. Their set had every song that
they would normally play including songs off Fino + Bleed, songs off their latest
Ep Danceland and even earlier releases. Everyone at the show pretty much knew
every lyric to every song tonight, and even beat Care to the lyrics at some
points. They finished off the night in the normal Die Mannequin fashion with
Care on the drum kit and Anthony playing along with her on guitar. Then to really
finish of the night Care did her rendition of “We are the champions”.