Kris And Dee at Battery Bistro

I don’t think there could
have been any better of a way to celebrate a Friday afternoon then taking in a
acoustic performance by Kris and Dee at the Battery Bistro inside of Fort

The Battery Bistro has now
become one of my favourite patios to watch an intimate acoustic show. The
scenery alone at the Battery Bistro should be enough of a driving force to
bring you out to this cedar patio to enjoy the Great local Kingston entertainment
which they have lined up throughout the summer.

This was the second time now
that I have been able to enjoy Kris and Dee in a stripped down acoustic
setting. However the show today was a bit more stripped down as Kris left her
Amp Effect Processor Pedal board at home.

Everyone at the Bistro was
able to enjoy personally selected songs from both of their albums Bloom and Still
Here Inside as well as a couple of their favourite covers. Closing in on the
final few songs in their set and by a couple of shout out requests from the
audience we received a second listening of a couple of songs. Kris and Dee’s
cover version of Emmylou Harris’s Blackhawk seems to be a definite audience
favourite. I got pretty lucky as well as I got to hear one of my favourite
songs from Bloom “Never What You Think” twice.

Throughout the set it seemed
Kris was having a little bit of “trouble” with being confined to sitting on the
stool. You could almost foresee her deciding to ditch the stool and opt to
standing instead. I couldn’t help myself in mentioning this to Kris later on
after their set.

Now if you thought the
harmonies sounded fantastic on their albums as I have, then you will be easily
taken away with their live acoustic performances of their songs. “Newfoundland”
stands to be one of their favourite songs to play and seems to have an extra
touch and feeling to the song when it was played today. One of the most fitting
songs I think of their performance today was their song titled “Ghost”, Dee
even made a few remarks towards this before they began to play the song. My
favourite lead guitar moments from Kris came during the song “Enemy”, this was
one of the few songs where you could see Kris jumping off of her seat to play
Lead. It brought me back to their Pig Gig a few weeks ago. One of the covers
which I was surprised they didn’t save for the closing song in their set was their
slowed down version of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In The Free World”. Their soft
vocal take on the song gives the song a different twist and then by the way they
play the notes and chords higher up on the neck of their guitar really give the
song a softer touch.

Slowly with every show that
Kris and Dee play I am learning more and more about the history and meaning of their
songs, which makes their songs that much more interesting to listen to.

If you missed out on this
Battery Bistro show you are actually in luck as they are going to be playing
another show July 13th!!