Kris and Dee Bloom album release party

Last night Kris and Dee celebrated the release of their brand new album Bloom to sell out crowd at The

It didn’t take long after the
doors opened for the mansion to start filling up, and leaving only standing
room. Kris and Dee had friends and fans travel a pretty good distance away to
watch them perform.Starting off the night was a
local female acoustic duo called diaries. It was a little unfortunate that the
audience felt the need to talk louder than the girls playing in on stage, which
seemed to take them off their stride a little bit during their set but I
couldn’t really see anyone else being able to power through it either. Their
songs consisted of soft acoustic strumming to thumb and finger picking style of
playing. They traded lead vocal and backing duties during the set. The addition
of the electric guitar definitely gave their songs an extra kick and helped cut
through the audience a little. Their soft harmonies were a nice touch to their
softer folk/country songs. I enjoyed listening to Lia’s country vocals she
really had the accent down during a couple of songs in their set. I’m hoping to
catch another set by The Diaries but hopefully it will be in a quieter setting.

It only took Kris and Dee to
step onto the stage for the place to explode with everyone cheering as loud as
they could. They quickly thanked everyone for coming and that is all it took
for people to start cheering once again.

Just before they started
their set they brought up Bill Welychka to say a few words about the band a
little bit on the history between him and Kris and Dee. The introduction took
on a comical turn when he started to talk about their old band “The Strap

Quickly The smiles on Krisand Dees face said it all on what this show meant for them, it took almostthree songs before Dee was able to shake the smile from her face. The songs intheir set consisted of songs from Bloom, Still Here Inside and favourite covers.

To start of their set tonight
they actually played a pair of songs off of Still Here Inside. I found it quite
amusing watching Kris playing the acoustic guitar during their second song
“Empty Nest” as it was quite easy to tell that she was pumped up and
wanted to break away from the confines of the small Mansion stage. For their
third song and their first song to play off of Bloom they played the first song
off the album and one of my favorites test “Weeds”. Hearing their
harmonies on the album then getting to hear them live for me took their album
to a different level. They quickly proved that they have no use for any type of
vocal editors in their recordings; with their powerful vocals they finally
hushed the talkative audience. Kris had quite the elaborate setup when it came
to each song on her pedal board, it was quite impressive to hear the many
different sounds and elements that went into their songs live. At a few points
I had to take an extended look at Kris and Sticky on keys to see who was
playing what.Kris and Dee expressed their
gratitude towards the audience a couple of times during their set and even
named dropped my sites which I am quite grateful for. It was quite amazing to
hear the distance that a few people traveled for the show. They even wrote a
special birthday song for Ange Stever which they played about three quarters of
the way through their set.Newfoundland seemed to be the
biggest crowd favourite song of the night, especially knowing what went into
the lyrics in the song. By the time they went into the song the audience had
dissipated a little bit, but the applause at the end of the song sounded as if
the Mansion was still at capacity. For an encore song they
played one of the softest versions of “Rockin in the free world” that
I have ever heard.


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