Kris and Dee Fall Harvest Show

Kris and Dee presented the Fall Harvest show on Thursday
night with special opener Rae Corcoran.

It was an evening of stellar acoustic performances from Kris
and Dee and Rae Corcoran. The entire evening was not entirely acoustic as Kris
and Dee added on Bass guitar Wil and on Drums Mauro after a few songs into their

Showing great strides in her personal songwriting Rae
Corcoran executed a fabulous opening set. While not taking her eyes off the
stage very often and looking out into the audience Rae had the full respect and
attention of the audience throughout her set. The shyness in her playing and
vocals quickly dissipated in the beginning of her set. Her sound was a mixture
of a couple of different genres including pop, folk and a little hint of east
coast hidden throughout. She took full advantage of her capo that she had attached
to the head of her acoustic guitar on stage. It would be interesting to learn
how Rae incorporates her interests and influences into her song writing, as a
couple of her songs seemed to be written as emotional rollercoaster. One aspect
about her personal songs which I enjoyed the most was her vocal ranges, the
placement of her higher vocals to express a certain point was craftily performed,
and then her soft girl next door sound which was the main staple in her sound flowed
nicely with her acoustic. Rae also slipped in “Little Dove” which was a song
that she entered into the cbc searchlight competition.

 Kris and Dee were
welcomed to the stage by an introduction by Jim Barber which was followed by a
large applause from the audience. The loud showering of applause was quite present
throughout their set. Opening up their set tonight they played us a newer song
titled “Mackerel Sky” which may appear on the new album which they are
currently working on. Tonight we witnessed a couple of new songs which Kris and
Dee were testing out to see how they sound and how the audience interacted with
the song. “Ghosts” was definitely one of the main songs which people wanted to
hear tonight which was played later on in the set, but it was their song “Newfoundland”
which was the crowd winner tonight. For a special edition of “Newfoundland Kris
and Dee invited Rae Corcoran back up onto the stage to sing backup vocals on
the song. It is always entertaining watching Kris play the acoustic guitar,
even though she keeps the solo’s down to a minimum I am always waiting for her
to jump out and take the stage by storm.  Kris introduced her Wah Wah pedal to us tonight
which sounded awesome and fit right into the song; this was the first time that
I have ever heard a Wah Wah pedal being used with an acoustic guitar before.
One of my favourite songs from Kris and Dee found its way onto the set list
again tonight “Never What You Think”, every time Kris and Dee play this song
they always enthrall me with their fabulous harmonies.  After Kris and Dee finished off their set I’m
pretty sure they made everyone in the audience look forward to their next show
and a date for the new album.

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