Liquorbox, F-Holes and Fire Next Time

Liquorbox, F-Holes and Fire Next Time Show Review

Last night at The Mansion was probably one of the most explosive shows that I have been to awhile at the venue.

I really wish now that I braved the thunderstorm last Tuesday during the Indie Lounge to see Fire Next Time after the performance they put on last night. I was blown away by the energy and power that the guys put out on stage. This was also the first time where the stage at the mansion couldn’t contain everybody on stage. The Bassist was sandwiched between the lead singer and the drums with about a foot for himself. There were a couple of times where he almost ended up in the middle of the drum kit. I still don’t know how everybody on stage didn’t collide with each other a numerous times, especially with the way they where moving around on stage. To start off their set, the Keyboardist/banjo/percussion was hitting a Tom drum as hard as he could inline with the drummer and I don’t know how the drum pulled through, that has to be one of the toughest skins that I have ever seen.  I was surprised at the wide variety of songs that they played. They played a couple of country/prairie/east coast infused  songs, a couple of slow songs with one if the songs which was a solo due to an instrument problem, and songs that rocked the shit out of the place. If you look through the pictures from the show you may notice that they are in a little rough shape, I can tell you this they are in that shape for a reason. During one song the acoustic guitar which was already almost cracked in half was getting punched hard enough that chunks of wood was falling off where it was getting hit. I also have no idea how the drummer doesn’t go through a dozen drum sticks each night due to how hard he hits the kit all set long. At the end of their bassist through his guitar down on the ground and I thought that was it for it but it still lived on.

Up next were F-Holes, now I would have never guessed how they came up with their name, you can probably take a few guesses as well but never get the right answer. The real answer is the shape of the hole in the sides of the stand up Bass. They came onto the stage with their own fashion and played a Neil Young Cover. Now I have seen people put on a stage performance before with their stage clothes but nothing can compare to how he acted all set long. Throughout the entire set he played his part perfectly down to the leg shakes, the body movement and even his facial expressions were top notch.  Lately every concert that I have been to at The Mansion bands have been releasing new songs and F-Holes played us a new one as well. It only took about two songs before they had people filling up the dance floor, and kept it full until their set was done. Near the end of their set they added in another cover song but this one was a waltz which still had people dancing on the floor. My favourite quote of the night was “I wrote this song for you girlfriend who left me for her husband”. The quote came during a description before the song was going to be played. My favourite song of their set was their last one because of the choreography that went into the song; everybody had their own introduction and a short solo which followed. The left the stage with people yelling for one more and it looked as if they were going to play one more but the time was getting a little late already.

“We are Liquorbox it’s Wednesday night I hope your drunk cause I’m Fuckin Drunk!”

Kingstons Hellriders Liquorbox finished out the night with their Hellrider style. One thing is a guarantee with a Liquorbox show is you’re going to hear the cover songs which will include at least a Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, but not as you have heard them before. They add their own Hellrider attitude to each song that they cover. If you were not a fan of Johnny Cash before, Liquorbox will make sure at the end of the night that you are when you leave. The guys played songs from their free online album and also busted out a new song to play for us as well. I don’t know how they didn’t break more strings then they did but they did loose one acoustic guitar string and one Banjo string. One song which I was hoping that they played was “F’N in the Butt” but it was left off the set list. After the guys finished their set the first time they were called out for one more, which Chris replied with “One More Fuckin Beer”, so the guys played two more songs, but nobody would let them leave the stage yet and I would say forced to play one more song. They closed out their set with “On The Road Again”.