Loud Love Live At The Merchant

Heading down to the Merchant last night I knew that this was going to be a good show after reading a couple of the reviews from Loudlove’s previous shows but I was totally blown away with what I saw last night.

Loudlove is from Ottawa (for now) and are starting to kick off their new cross Canada tour and they started the tour off with a bang. This had to be one of the best Indie Band shows that I was watched in a while.

The member of Loudlove are Peter on Lead vocals and Guitar, Emile on Keyboards, Dan on the Drums, Hans on Bass Guitar and Sean on Guitar.

As usual the crowd wasn’t really getting to the band until around the second set. The guys played three forty five minute sets. I find that it is better for bands to play two ninety minute sets then to break off the night into three parts. Just because when the crowd finally starts to get moving the set is usually over and the crowd dies down again. Mind you there were a couple of people that were moving around in the front at the start of their first set and right from the start of the second set, then by the end of the night the Merchant has a pretty lively. After Loudlove finished their last set people were calling for more and Loudlove didn’t let them down.

This was probably one of the first shows that I have ever watched at The Merchant where the band didn’t play a cover song. Well in a way they did play a cover song but not exactly, they sang some or most of the lyrics, and I can’t forget to mention the most entertaining “Superstition” cover that I have ever heard before. For the most part Loudlove played their own style of music. Which in turn turned out excellent, everything was pretty much there for Superstition even the starting Riff for the song which everyone has to know. But here is the best part the song ended up turning into a bit of a hip hop song also as Mike broke out the lyrics from Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg.

This had to be one of the most inventive and on the fly concerts that I have watched. When Mike got onto the stage Loudlove didn’t really even know what they were going to play until they just seemed to decide to play a great instrumental mix. The first song was from Digital Underground and the second was the Beastie Boys. I don’t think anyone in the crowd didn’t find this was just flat one of the best entertaining shows that they have ever been at. The best part this was only a setup for even more to come. Loudlove even had a member of the Merchant Tap House staff join them on stage. And Wow he was fantastic, bustin out a scary close resemblance to Bob Marley vocals he cut two Tracks with Loudlove. I am thinking we might be seeing more of him in the Kingston area now after this performance. also have to add that the keyboards was one of the hugest part in keeping the beats going throughout the songs.

I also have to compliment all of the other songs that Loudlove played throughout the night, they stayed true to the Genre Titles that they chose to put on their Myspace page www.myspace.com/loudlovecanada. The Reggae Jam Band is right on the money. Most of their songs were what seemed to me to be tail ended with just fantastic Jams added to them. I find sometimes bands try to experiment with their songs and add jams to their songs and they just don’t seem to hit the mark. But when it comes to Loudlove they sounded above and beyond their original laid tracks. I also liked how the band liked to showcase each other. Meaning that they would allow each other the “Spotllight” if it was the Keyboards everyone would quite down and move so you could have a clear view of “” on the Keys.

Loudlove was playing songs from their album called Seven Days To Shine, and other songs that haven’t been released. As I mentioned before they played cover songs but they were their own take on the songs. “5446 was Your Number” was another song that they played part of also. My favourite songs that they played were songs off of the album “Seven Days To Shine” were “Lonley”, “In The Morning” and “Twist”. In the song “In The Morning” Peter was left without a guitar as both of his guitars decided to break simultaneously so the guitar duties were left to Sean which he did an awesome job in covering. If no one knew that Peter’s guitars broke you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the different. Now there was the version that has played on the Radio here in Kingston and then there was the “In your Face” version that they played onstage. After watching and hearing this song being played I have to urge anyone to go out and see Loudlove when they stop into your town.