Marianas Trench with Down With Webster

Down With Webster had to be one of the most energetic sets that
I have seen at the K-Rock Centre so far. The second they hit the stage they
were scattered all over the stage.  Within a few moments the guys threw out cups
filled with fake dollar bill advertising their new song “One In A Million”. Relying
heavily on backing tracks from their Laptops which their DJ’s were using. The guitar
in their set could have almost left completely off as it got lost throughout their
set behind the excitement and backing tracks.  They did have a good reach on the covers which
the DJ played throughout their set; to me they were cleverly hidden throughout their
set. The decibel level was almost a tie between the sound system and the girls
that filled K-Rock centre tonight.  For
Down With Webster’s set I only got to take in the first three songs of their set,
but I was able to make out a bit of the rest of their set sitting in the press

Out supporting their new album Ever After Marianas Trench tore
the lungs off every girl in the building. It was interesting how the entire show
was based on the storyline from the album which included visuals throughout the
set. Starting off the set with the song “Ever After” a large Jack In the Box
appeared at the back of the stage and began to rise, then all of a sudden out
popped Josh with cables attached and he was lifted high above the stage and
then swung out over the audience to the loudest cries of girls screaming that I
have ever heard before in my life.  Going
into their second song they jumped back to their album Masterpiece Theatre with
the song “All To Myself”. For a pop/boy band I was surprised by the lyrics in
their songs and how they could actually pull it off and then to top it all off
have the audience sing the lyrics to “Shake Tramp” and “Desperate Measures”. Marianas
Trench gave away a pile of merch in their set and even took time out in their
set to do it as well. With the guitar lick from Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar
On Me,  They brought Down With Webster back
onto the stage to help out with three man sling shots. Quickly after the giveaways
Marianas Trench had a quick wardrobe changes and stripped down to their underwear
and ran around the stage playing. One thing I will give the guys credit for is their
harmonies throughout their set. “Beside You” which was an acoustic number
pretty much brought out every girls cell phone in the audience. “Push” was one
which almost didn’t really fit into their pop sound as it had quite a bit more
of an alternative edge to it, Josh showed the audience one heck of a vocal
range to help finish off the song. To finish off the night they played the last
song on their album “No Place Like Home”.