Matt Good with Daniel Wesley

This was the first time that I have ever been to a show at the Grand Theatre before which I thought was a long time coming. The only problem I found to the show was the fact that they were seats and no one was allowed to stand, as two people found out rather quickly later on in the night.

Daniel Wesley started things off by coming out to the stage with a loud applause from the audience. Playing host to a new album titled Easy Livin, Daniel played a couple of songs from the new album but didn’t stay with the new album completely he still ventured over to his previous albums as promised in the interview I had with Daniel on Sunday which is now posted. Opening up the night with “Drunk + Stoned” which easily cut the night open and got the crowd prepped and ready for what was going to come.

The set was a little mix of everything which went over well with everyone, while not only sticking to electric near the middle of his set Daniel pulled out a stool and an acoustic guitar for a couple of songs.  The drum kit got broken down as a acoustic drum box was pulled out which was being played by Jeremy Kleynhans and  Mike Cohen put away his bass and picked up another acoustic guitar. The combination of the two acoustic guitars changing from lead and backing sounded great together almost making me wanting to hear the rest of the set as an acoustic set. Daniel had to coach the audience a little to clap along to the songs if they liked which almost immediately people started clapping along.

The audience interaction was fantastic as normally theatre shows are almost always really mellow and just a straight forward set. In between song as Daniel was taking a drink of his beer a female from the audience asked if he was going to share, then right away he said sure and handed her the beer, being hesitant at first it didn’t take more than five seconds before she went up to the stage to get the beer. Daniel talked about the same scenario that happened just a couple of night earlier and he did exactly what he did tonight. I took notice that the audience was a little more comfortable with his older songs especially when he played Pilgrimage.

 To finish off his set he played an extensive version of Ooo Ohh which included a spot for the audience to add in their vocals as well.

This was the first time that I saw Matt Good for some reason I never really felt the need to go see him play live before, but tonight was going to be the night that I finally got to watch him play live.

 The biggest thing that I took away from his live show is the fact that it was a hard tell, to tell the difference between the quality of the live performance and the album versions of his songs. The vocals were top notch and by the way he was portraying himself on stage he was pretty confident in himself. He knew that people were sitting down and taking it easy so  he didn’t think twice about taking a break in between songs to enjoy a drink or two, closer to the end of the set he was starting to take in requests so he seemed to stray off on the long breaks.

 I was actually surprised by the audience interaction that he did have considering the stories which I have heard about his live shows in the past. He even took on the same heckler a few times throughout the night with stride and in my eyes taking in the win after it was all said and done even though he had to knock one of his own songs to do it. Jokingly or maybe not he took a little frustration out on his side guitarist when he decided to add his own vocals to the song. At the end of the song Matt asked him when he decided to starting singing as it “Fucked me up” then Matt went around the stage asking how much it would screw them up if they added in another drummer or keyboards.

 It was nice that he played songs from his entire catalogue as well as mixing in some of the newer tunes as well. But I much preferred the songs which I grew up listening to, but the one song which I now take a little more stride in listening to since the live show is Zero Orchestra. Minus the horn section which was replaced by a recording but because of the quality of the live mix it was an easy let go.

The light show played a big part in Matt’s set as well as at some points it was actually blinding because of the power of the LED lights, they really set the tone and mood for a few of the songs. At the end of the set Matt left the stage  only to come back out a couple of minutes later to play a couple of songs for an encore.