Pack AD/Tiger Uppercut/Topanga/AOK

Aok started off the night with a joke about their band name. For a high school band they are not too bad. One thing they need to work on is the on stage bantering or just take it out completely. There set was quite a little mix of different genres going from rock that sounded similar to the white stripes and even throwing in a cover of “Fell in love with a girl”. A couple of their songs sounded as if they were right out of the seventies but with a post modern punk twist.

This was just the second show for Tiger Uppercut and by the sound of their set I am hoping there are going to need more shows to come. They opened up with a song that almost sounded as if it was a B side Clockwize Sound song or at least one which Josh wrote himself. After their first song Tiger Uppercut pretty much stayed away from that sound all together mixing in rock with metal and punk. I was really surprised by how much Josh changed his vocals during their set. The vocals during their set surprised me as Josh really stretched out to match the different genres that were playing in their set. There were quite a few riffs that I liked during their set and my favorite were when Jason was using his fuzz sounding effects. About halfway through their set you could tell that this band are about having fun and getting out and playing live. Their energy level throughout what it seemed to a short set was pretty much full tilt all the way, especially during their punk song. It is going to be a bit of time before we get any recorded music from the guys so hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Topanga was up next who are currently on tour with the Pack AD. These guys quickly had the place jumping and quickly forming a line across the front of the stage. Their lead singer was all over the place even in the tight space that they were left with, even jumping up onto the kick drum rather early on in the set. Their way of blending in the backing vocals worked on many different levels especially visually when they were sharing mics a couple their songs. I’m still stumped on how they. Fully describe their sound, they definitely have the Toronto indie garage punk/pop sound and there is also a large volume of sum41 style of punk mixed in. It was quite unfortunate, for the guys to have the sound guy have feedback appear in almost every song. Nearing the end of their set the crowd bought them a a tray of shoes which may had an effect on the guys as they powered through to their last song which played out as if they are saving the best for last.

The pack ad announced early on that this was going to be the last time that we were going to get to see them play live again for at least a year in Kingston. As I found out earlier during my interview with Becky they are taking time off to write a new album, it was during their encore performance before we got to hear one of the new songs “Battering Ram” which they just finished writing, the song sounded a little different than what we are used to hearing from them, there is a bit more of a an alternative and metal edge coming from Becky’s guitar. Their set was a mix of songs from most of their albums. They spread out their radio singles throughout their set. I will admit that I wanted to hear all of the songs that used to get regular radio play which were Sirens and Haunt You. There were actually quite a few songs that I wanted to watch live since watching pretty much all of their videos including Deer and Cobra Matte. After watching The Pack Ad play the songs live they easily blow the videos out of the water.  One of the reasons why I enjoy watching the Pack Ad live is the fact that you can watch Becky hit and use all of her guitar pedals and hear see the fact that there is not really any studio touch to their songs, her Cry Baby pedal is one of my favourite sounding pedals that she was using tonight, she really took advantage of the pedal of a few different occasions. I’m surprised that Maya doesn’t go through her snare a few times during their set. For being a duo timing is pretty much one of the most crucial aspects of their set and it seems that Maya has most of the control when it comes to the timing in their set.