Peelander Z Owl Farm and Agpak Mum Show Review

Peelander Z Owl Farm and Agpak Mum Show Review


Peelander Z put on one of the craziest shows that I have ever seen.

I first looked at a couple of the videos that were available online before the show but no live videos so I was a little skeptical about what I was about to witness. It is almost impossible to write down everything that happened and also with the ferocity from the event. Peelander Z probably spent the same amount of time in the audience then they did onstage. They were playing wireless guitar patch cords so it allowed them the freedom to roam around the entire upstairs of the Mansion and roam they did.

To start off the night Agpak Mum took to the stage. This was the first time that I watched Agpak Mum perform which was weird because of all the shows that they have played I have never managed to make it out to any of their shows before. I never knew how far off I was when I reviewed their album; I would have never guessed who was playing what just by listening to their album. Between members and all of their equipment they had the stage filled. Unfortunately they ran into problems almost right away as Daniels Keyboard decided not to work for him, but he covered it up by dancing it up behind his keys. What impressed me the most about their performance was the vocals. When you listen to the album you would swear that the vocals were largely tweaked especially for the higher parts but they are not. Jeremy hit the notes with ease and even was able to copy a little bit of Micheal Jackson down to a Tee as well. It was a little unfortunate that their set was cut down a little bit I would have liked to hear more from the guys.

Following Agpak Mum was Owl Farm. First off I have to say that we got ripped off with their performance they decided for the first time since I have watched them play not to play “Immigrant Song”. I thought this cover was a definite and I looked forward to hearing their Version of the song each show that they play. Owl Farm also a victim to equipment breaking down, or should I say blowing up. About two minutes before they were about to play Chris Amp decided to blow up and let off one hell of a stink of burnt plastic and fiber. Luckily they were able to borrow a Amp from Agpak Mum and they got on with their set. Throughout their set over and over again they were getting the irritable feedback sound. Besides all of the problems which they had to deal with Owl Farm pressed on and played a few of their older songs and also graced us with a new song to play live. And again their show just wasn’t the same for me not getting to hear a Zepplin Cover. Nearing the end of their set the Mansion was really starting to get filled up, so more people were able to see what Owl Farm is all about.

By this time in the night the anticipation to see what was about to happen was getting the better of me. Their equipment was finally being unpacked and they were putting on their costumes. My favourite vest was the Yellow one because of the foam wrestling belt which was glued to the back of the vest.  The stage was pretty plain at this point in time, and I was about to witness why.  Even before they started the crowd was starting to get excited and cheer on Peelander Z. It took probably all of about thirty seconds before they left the stage and into the audience. Luckily they pushed all of the couches, tables and chairs out of the way for the show.  This was the first show where I couldn’t really understand the lyrics in the songs, but it didn’t really matter to me or the audience we were all just there to pretty much see what was going on. During a couple of songs they got as many people onstage as they possibly could and opened up a suitcase with pots, pans and drum sticks and handed them all out. Even though nobody could keep a beat together it still looked and sounded cool. They also had a crowd limbo competition with a rope that they strung across the crowd in the middle of the dance floor. A song or two after the limbo they brought out the human “Squid”? bowling. My favourite song of the night was diffidently “So Many Mike”. This song was probably every body else’s favourite song as well. A couple of audience members brought in their own signs for the song as well. About half a dozen people also made their way onto the stage at the end of the song as well. To finish off the night they brought half of the drum kit in the middle of the floor and played together in a small knit circle to finish off the show. At the end of the show people were thirsty for more but they started to tear apart their gear to background music which was now playing. If you ever get a chance to see them play live, you have to go. As I said before there is no way to write down everything that went on and describe it as well.