Poor Young Things with Vorasek

On Friday night KPP presented Poor Young Things and Locals
Vorasek at The Mansion.  

If you were ever looking for a rock show to attend in
Kingston then this was one show that you definitely didn’t want to miss.

Vorasek started the night off with the best performance that
I have seen them put on yet. They definitely killed their last performance that
I saw at the Grad Club a few weeks ago. The amount of work that they have done
to their stage performance and overall sound is quite astounding. The way they
have reworked their songs and have paid so close attention to the rhythm of their
songs shows itself right away. In fact they didn’t waste any time at all tonight
by showing us a couple of new tunes they have been working on. They started off
with “Fallin” and then “Pain”. Now “Pain” was the song that I was impressed
with the most tonight, they simply nailed the rhythm aspect of the song. John’s
vocals got a little lost in the mix behind the guitars however but it was still
coherent enough to hear. The main riffs in the song for sure have a Tragically
Hip influence written into it. Vorasek still keeping to their roots kept a
couple of the main stay songs in their set especially closing out their set in
classic form “Bolder”.

Sadly this was the first time that I have watched Poor Young
Things play live in Kingston and at the end of the night I wondered how in the
hell I managed this to happen. The energy that these guys had throughout their set
was simply amazing, all throughout their set they at least one member of Poor
Young Things were jumping around the stage. Even the stage couldn’t contain the
guys as they made the floor a regular area to play on, Dave took it upon
himself to jump in front of someone who he thought was leaving and play alongside
them as they were walking away. They are out in support of their latest album
The Heart, The Head, The End. which was released earlier this year. Poor Young
Things played a pretty much the entire album for us only leaving off a couple
of tracks. They started off their set with their brand new single “Sign Of The
Times”, which right away showed the energy that they had in store for us. With
having three guitarists there is an extreme amount of sound to take in, and
depending where you were standing it made a big difference in their sound. Their
sound got messed up quite a bit due to the sound guy tonight, I mean more than
I have ever heard before. It almost got to the point where I thought Matt was
going to jump off stage and go after the sound guy, instead he mentioned that
they just got a new pedal called the squealer in their third song “Revolver”.
Matt had the audience join in on a few songs tonight, at one point in time as
Matt left the stage he made his way over to a back table and picked up an empty
shot glass and used it as a slide. “Dress It Up” was one of my favourite songs
from their set; one of the biggest aspects about the song that I liked the most
was the timing that the song involves from every member of Poor Young Things,
and the power vocals that Matt sang during the song sounded great as well. The
finish off the set or so they thought they played a cover of “Electric Feel”. The
Kingston crowd was not going to let the guys off the stage this easily and
coaxed the guys into playing one last song, and what better way to finish off a
rock show then by play a cover of “Rockin In The Free World” with the audience
helping out with the lyrics as well as Matt passed around his mic by hanging it
over the audiences heads.

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