Rebecca Everett with Rueben DeGroot

Monday night at the Mansion brought a little mix to the stage as Rebecca Everett, Rueben DeGroot and His Whole Band  took to the stage.

The night was going to start a little earlier due to the fact that there were going to be three bands to play but as the new start time came and past the night got underway just before the original start time.

Rebecca Everett was the definite draw of the night. She was joined on stage by one of the cirque De Soleil guitarists Dave Zieher. The crowd was all ready to go as Rebecca took to the stage and participated in anyway possible at every chance they got to, but in no way I mean that in a negative way whatsoever they only added to the set. My favourite moment came when they started to snap along with Rebecca on the song around halfway through her song “Put Your Hands On Me”. The second they began to snap along I didn’t think Rebecca was going to be able to sing anymore due to the glowing smile which she grew. Her facial expressions during the song also added to the effect of the song as well as at key moments in the song she raised her eyebrows over her glasses, some people may find that such a small detail but I feel it added greatly to the songs strength. Her music was a general mix of vintage Jazz, Folk and

Throughout the set I still couldn’t believe that Rebecca and Dave only had a minimal practice time before the show, Dave was reading the sheet music for the entire set which Rebecca had written for the album. Throughout the set her vocals reigned out throughout the Mansion, at some points I don’t even think she would have needed a mic to get her vocals to pass throughout the Mansion. Her vocal performance definitely ranks as one of the best performances by a female that I have ever watched at the Mansion before. Her set was kept a little short and seemed to fly right by, she played her title track off of her album YoYo second in her set, I am a little torn between which song I enjoyed the most her soulful performance of “Away” or her encore song “I Miss you” which she sang with her husband, which got the biggest applause of the set and the song which people were talking about long after the set was done.

Up next was Rueben DeGroot and his whole Band for some reason or another there has been a few local musicians which I have watched play before and never met and Rueben DeGroot was one of those musicians. I think I have watched him play three times now and every time it has been with a different amount of musicians in his band. Tonight he had three backing musicians,  Rob Radford on Drums, Josh Lyon on Keys and Paul Muller on Bass.  Rueben’s set was quite a bit livelier than Rebbeca’s was, but it also helped that he had a full band backing him as well. Josh on the Keys really gave the songs that extra kick and helped fill in a few sections throughout the set and also helped give that country sound as well. Starting off his set was probably one of the most Elvis influenced songs that I have heard before, which quickly got a few people of their seats, and put a different spin on the night. Next up was my favourite song of the set and of the songs which I have heard Rueben play live before which was “The Ballad Of The Rogue Trader”. The recorded version and the liver version varies a little widely, I prefer the live version for this song. The energy that goes into the song suits Rueben’s set quite nicely, the song also has that catchy chant that appears a couple of times in the song.  To help finish off the song Rueben gave Rob a helping hand on the cymbals by hitting the headstock of his guitar onto them a few times. The tempo of the set had a little bit of a mix to it but the majority of the songs were his higher tempo songs, which did include “The Ayatollah Of Rock and Rollah” and the interestingly titled song “Aquaman vs. Priscilla Presley” to name a couple. One of his slower songs which I quite enjoyed was the song which he wrote about his son. The song has a couple of catchy hooks from the acoustic guitar, and Rueben’s soft country tone vocals add that little extra to the song. To finish off his set they played “Auquaman vs. Priscilla Presley” which got called out a couple of times in the set.