Rise Of Dissension album release show

Finally the wait was over for the official release of the Debut album from Rise Of Dissension. With a stacked card full of bands including The Beta 58’s, Revmatic, Laugh At The Fakes and Rise Of Dissension to close out the night.

The turnout was pretty decent considering the freezing temperatures outside which for some reason always seem to affect the turnout of a indoor heated concert.

Starting off the night was the punk act of Beta 58’s it was quite awhile since I last saw these guys play and with a different lineup. They went through a decently long setlist filled with punk rock songs. One thing that you can take away from their set is their humour and sense of timing. Revmatic was also a band that I haven’t watched play in a long ass time either. It seems whenever there was a DSB show was the only time that I got to see Revmatic play. Tonight there were carrying a newer album – Rising Of The Sword – since the last time I saw them play,(damn out of town work made me miss their album release show). I was surprised with the first few songs in their set as they played a stream of Rock and Alternative cover songs before they went into a handful of their own songs which included Fuel by Metallica, Possum Kingdom by The Toadies, just to name a couple. Their originals wasn’t just geared to their newest album either they also played my favourite song off of Cold Blooded Demon “She’s A Drug”. You should really do yourself a favour and pick up their album. Laugh At The Fakes travelled down the 401 from Toronto for this show, they even had a few fans show up in support of them as well. They too have a newer album out that was released a few months ago. Already playing a few shows in support of the album and having a steady set list they decided to lay a couple of different tracks on us tonight to get a feel for the live setting for the songs. This included a couple of slower numbers, not that they entire set was filled with their “Ballads” they still kicked it out with their Alternative Energetic songs. The timing between Galen and Everett is still one of my favourite aspects of their set everytime I see them play. They were even being cheered to do an encore as well from quite a few people in the crowd.

What a kick off to a wicked Album Rise Of Dissension put on tonight. I can’t wait to see what happens for the band from this release. Earlier in the week I got to check out what they had in store for the release party and I still was excited for the live setting of the release show, and they didn’t disappoint. They played most of the album in their set in order and left off the quieter and slower songs. Starting off the night Rise Of Dissension played the first song off of the album “Lord Of The Damned” which set off the headbanging pace and pounding sound of their set. Their was very little room for talking in between songs. Doug’s vocals definitely reigned out in this performance tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if it took him a bit of time before his vocals felt normal again. As well as playing originals in their set they also added in a surprise cover for everyone as well. The ending of “War Machine” was one of my favourite spots in their set as it brought on a lengthy guitar solo from Andrew which brought a few people closer to the front of the stage. Now what album release show wouldn’t be without an encore from the Headlining band, after playing an already killer set, Rise Of Dissension finished off with “Bound By Blood”.

Beta 58’s


Revmatic – Full Album 

Laugh At The Fakes – Full Album
Rise Of Dissension – Full Album


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