Rival Sons with The Balconies

The Rival Sons and The Balconies played to a sold out crowd
@ The Merchant on Wednesday night. I don’t think I have ever been to a show
that was this packed before at The Merchant. Trying to get a beer at the bar
was pretty much out of the question only the hard working waitresses were the
answer at getting anything to drink. The front of the stage began to fill up
about an hour before The Balconies were originally scheduled to hit the

Starting off the night is my Favourite live band The
Balconies. They changed up their set a little bit tonight compared to the past
couple of times I have watched them play. It didn’t take long for Jackie to
start shedding off a couple of layers of clothing tonight, she started off the
set with half a shirt then a few songs in decided to take her belt off. How she
didn’t take her head off of the pillar in the back part of the stage was a bit
of a surprise especially during “Kill Count”. While currently recording off and
on we got to hear two new songs tonight. “Do It In The Dark” was one of the new
highlights of their set for me, Click here for the official video to the song, the song is originally called “Serious Bedtime” but now with a new twist. I’m
still up in arms on which version I like the most, it did appear as if The
Balconies enjoyed playing this version a little bit more as they all seemed to
have a big smile on their faces as they went into and throughout the song. If you
watch the video for the song then catch the song live, their live version of
the song is definitely more in your face, the pop sound in the song is left off
quite a bit in the live version. Their set stayed somewhat close to what we are
used to hearing in Kingston which didn’t matter to me as I could listen to the
same set over and over again. The small stage did unfortunately tone down their
live performance a little or I should just say Jacquie’s live stage show, but
it did cause her to lose her belt halfway through their set. Now to finish off
their set they finished it off in classic from with Kill Count.

As The Rival Sons made their way to the stage the Merchant
exploded to an roaring audience which was nothing like I have ever heard before
at the Merchant. They didn’t take any time at all before they went into their firs
song “Pressure and Time”. If there is a band that could revive the sounds and
look of 70’s rock then this will be the band to do it. I couldn’t believe the
skills and stage performance that Jay performed tonight, it was an experience
that I know I will never forget let alone be able to explain properly to fully
justify the extent to what I witnessed. It was quite easy to see why there were
fans from all around to take in the show tonight. Everyone around me was from a
different city, Toronto, Sudbury, Belleville just to name a few. This is the
first time that I have really met and talked to fans before that travel to each
city to see their favourite band play before. The spread of guitar pedals
onstage was quite the scene to see. I don’t think I have ever seen a spread of
pedals like I did tonight on such a small stage. Scott had a very interesting ring on his
finger which doubled as his slide throughout the night, which took a whole life
of its own during their set. I couldn’t believe at a few times during their set
that this was actually happening in front of me. During a few songs Jay could have just passed
out the mic and let the entire audience sing the lyrics for him. Their set list
for the night almost seemed to be a source for guideline for the band; they
definitely spread away from the set list a couple of times during their set
especially when the encore didn’t even make it to the list. The encore almost
took a life of its own, as the Jay said they are not the encore type of band;
they just stay onstage and play a couple of more songs. Tonight they probably
played for at least another twenty minutes as their first song almost seemed as
they were trying out something new, With each member having their own lengthy solo
during the song then to finish it all off they kept having quick discussions on
how they were going to pull off the finisher, which was quite amusing to watch.
To finally finish off the night Jay announced that they were going to be at the
back of the bar and ready to have a drink with anyone who wanted to hang around
and talk and make friends with him and the band.