Rococode with Rah Rah

On Saturday night The Grad Club hosted a night of Alternative Pop with Rococode and special guests Rah Rah.

Tonight was the last show between Rah Rah and Rococode on this tour. It was quite unfortunate that the attendance was low for this show as it turned out to be almost a battle of lead singers of sorts. I thought there would have been a flow of people after the show finished up the street but it didn’t look as if too many people made their way down.

This was my first run in with either band, and I now know what I missed when I didn’t check out Rococode the first time they played Kingston earlier on in the year. This was the first time that I had heard of Rah Rah before and I was pretty impressed with their musical attributes that they showed off during their set.

Many bands have always found that the Grad Club stage is quite small and Rah Rah fell victim from the stage and had to spread out a little off to the side of the stage. The small stage actually worked as an advantage for Rah Rah as they could get even closer to the small crowd that had gathered and surrounded the stage.  They played songs from their upcoming album “The Poets Dead” that is due out on October 2 and even songs from all the way back to “Going Steady”.  It only took Rah Rah to start their second song before they got everyone off of their seats and standing/dancing in front of the stage.They started off with the lead single from “The Poets Dead” which also turned out to be my favourite song from their set. For me it was the vocals that created the biggest hook for me in the song, although it was a bit of a tough choice between the vocals and the guitar riffs in the song. The backing harmonies sounded not too bad but I just wish the sound system was better at the Grad Club because I’m pretty sure their vocals suffered because of it. Next up was a song from their first album titled “Tentacles”, the main extract from this song that I got was the fiddle in the song. Kristina pretty much took your attention away from everything else in the song as she was playing at certain times.  In around the middle of their third song “Dead Men” Rah Rah showed that they are able to switch up instruments with each other as Erin stood up from behind the drum kit and jumped onto the keys and Jeff jumped behind the kit.  “Prairie Girl” seemed to be an instant audience favourite as the song provided the audience with a vocalized treat. To finish off the ten song set Joel started to play the riff from “La Grange” which Jeff quickly caught on and helped out with the drums.

When Rococode took to the stage Grad Club had filled up a little bit more and the audience had now tightly fitted themselves around the stage. Rococode played songs from their album which was released earlier in the year titled Guns, Sex & Glory and also slipped in a couple of new tunes as well. Laura wasted no time at all showering the audience with her vocals which at times were a little too strong for the sound system. They started off the set with “Dreams” which was quickly followed with “Empire”. During Empire the song to me was almost ruined as Laura was hitting her higher notes the sound system hit us with one of the strongest feedback sounds that I have ever had to hear before. “Run Run Run” quickly became a catchy number from Rococode, the fast upbeat pop song quickly and easily had the audience moving alongside Laura’s synth and Andrew’s guitar work.  During the song “Ejay” Laura and Andrew switched things up a little.  Andrew played the Keys for most of the song by himself, and Laura stood front and center and sang lead while occasionally moving back over to the synth to help out during a bridge. Laura really showed us what she is capable of vocally as she made everyone in the Grad Club stop and stare in amazement as she finished off the song in a over the top style, you had to be there to witness this yourself as it is pretty much indescribable as amazing is just  a small word to use.  Out of the two Ghost tracks that they could have played they chose to go with “Ghost II” which to me was the best idea to play. To finish off their set they played one of my favourite songs off the album titled “Blood”. Now don’t let the title of the song fool you as the song itself is pretty much the opposite.  The title scream which comes in around the middle of the song definitely caught people off guard and made a few people in the front row jump a little as it happened.