Rococode with Runaway Dish

Rococode made their third appearance to Kingston last night
playing at The Mansion with local openers Runaway Dish and Suburban Sex Party.

Starting off the night was Tricia Robinson playing as
Runaway Dish. It was quite nice to see that he had so many friends and
supporters show up tonight for her set. Her set consisted of all originals
tonight, playing pretty much all of the same songs as the last time I saw her
play. She was joined on stage by her friend Joe Elliott on mandolin for her
final few songs of her set. The addition of the mandolin adds just the right
texture and sound to her songs. Her ode to quitting Loblaws seemed to be the
crowd favourite of her set tonight as it had the loudest applause as she announced
the song. There were a couple bumps in the road during her set tonight but due
to the fact that she is just playing music to have fun and for others to enjoy
it is quite easy to look over that fact. As she played her last couple of songs
Joe announced that this was probably going to be their last show together as
Tricia is moving to Montreal so after a bit of a sad sigh from the audience
they went into their final song.

Now there is something odd about three guys naming their band
Suburban Sex Party. They have quite a bit of work to do as a whole. Their lead
singer’s vocals put me off from listening into their set rather quickly last
night. His vocals consisted of a lot of loud chirping and yelling sounds and
his levels were all over the place. I don’t think he understands yet on how a
microphone works as he was constantly moving all around the mic. The
instrumental aspect of the band wasn’t too bad sounding but I just couldn’t get
over the vocals. Hopefully next time when I see them play they will have
improved a bit.

This was my second time watching Rococode play live in
Kingston. Tonight it looked as if they had a few followers show up in support. They
are currently on one of the roughest looking tours that I have looked at in a
while. They are in the area for the CMW’s and had a night off so they decided
to drive down the 401 and play here in Kingston. They wasted no time at all in
setting up and getting started which was great. They played about a dozen songs
in their set including the encore song which was a cover song of sorts because they
played a song from Becks album which was only released in sheet music form.
Their Artsy Pop/Rock Indie sound was an instant hit with the audience as they
had pretty much everyone in the Mansion to the front of the stage dancing all
set long. They started off their set with one of the two new songs which they
have just released titled “Rocky,Too (I’m Falling For You)”. The song acted as
a great warm up song for what was about to come. Laura really expressed a small
sample of her powerful and enticing vocals in this song.  The harmonies between Laura and Andrew, simply
put are fantastic to listen to; the added reverb effect which was added to
Laura’s vocals really puts their set over the top for me. To me at least half
of their sound is based on the brilliant sounding vocal harmonies of Laura and
Andrew. “Weapon” which is one of my favourite songs from Guns, Sex & Glory was
played second tonight, this song kicked off the set long dance party in the
Mansion. The pairing of the songs “Empire” followed with “Dreams” went
beautifully together and was also a flipped set list version from the last time
they played. Every time I hear their song “Empire” all I can think of is the commercial
possibilities of this song especially at the rate TV shows have been picking up
indie bands in the past few years.  “Blood”
being another favourite of mine got played just a little over halfway through their
set, this song is one of their “Heavier” pop/rock songs from their album
quickly picked up on the groove from the audience. I would have found it quite
hard to believe my eyes if I saw anyone sitting down or not moving during this
song the infectious groove of the song quickly spread throughout the Mansion.
Just as before the scream with Andrew blares out in the song caught people by
surprise again and was followed with a loud applause afterwards. To finish off their
set they played their second new release “Follow You ‘Round”. The song follows
suit with their sound and a little more down tempo compared to other tracks,
but still is a very keys and vocally driven song. It didn’t take long after
Rococode stepped off the stage where the audience was calling out for more,
which they gracefully came back to the stage and played the Beck cover. Now if
you want a cool looking white 7” inch vinyl record to add to your collection I
urge you to pick it up their “Weapon/Empire” EP as I did.