See Spot Run with Dan Curtis Band

On Friday Night The Merchant Tap House presented See Spot Run with The Dan Curtis Band

This night turned out to be quite a mixture of genres for the night in a way, the music ranged from 90’s alternative to Rock to Blues and to a little bit of slow rock.

The Dan Curtis Band really had the crowd going throughout their set, it didn’t take very long before they had a couple of people up on the floor. Now I can’t even count how many times I have watched Dan play before let alone how many different bands that I have watched him play in, it seems every time I see him play he is in a different band or a special guest for the set. This night they were a three piece band with Dan on lead guitar and vocals, I usually don’t get to see Dan sing very often so this was a nice change. Their second song really made me take more of a interest in Dan’s creative guitar playing as he mixed in a little Star Wars into the song, it was the riff from one of the bar scenes with Han Solo. A Blues number followed which followed and picked up the pace a little. While hitting up the need for a Bass number came in to play when they played one of Al’s songs, the bass amp really took a beating a little throughout the song I looked to see if the sound guy turned it up a little but he was standing beside me at the bar during the song so it was just the power of the song coming through the speakers. For one of their cover songs for the night Dan started off playing a slower tempo riff of “The Wind Cries Mary” which in turn I thought he was just playing the riff for fun but they quickly went into the song they had a slightly different take onto the song. The Dan Curtis band played a varied set of songs during their set covering blues to rock with a little funk added into the mix. To finish off their set they covered the Who “The Seeker”.

It was great to see that a band from the 90’s alternative era is still alive and well, with a couple of different members from the original line up, See Spot Run showed us that the genre is still alive and well. The only disappointment I had with their set was the extra long wait between sets. The guitarist took about an hour to set up his gear and work his amp/equalizer to the point where a few people did get tired of waiting and ended up leaving. See Spot Run played songs off all of their albums including the song which they played acoustically on 98.9 The Drive earlier on in the day. They started off their set with a small intro tape which is one thing that I could never really understand in live shows, there has never been a time when the intro track has ever made any sense to the set it more or less leaves the band and audience staring at each other in a uncomfortable stare waiting for something to happen. When they did start their set the did hit the speakers hard with the song “Electric Glow”. See Spot Run was a little constricted with what they were able to do for theatrics on the stage but they made the best of the space which they had, The lead singer would venture off to the back of the stage and stand in front of the stage lights which were placed on the floor and stretch out to play his bass into the air which also worked out great for me because it gave me a few wicked shots with my camera. Randy had almost similar stage theatrics as David Wilcox does but without the facial expressions in between guitar parts Randy never stayed still and filled in the voids by motioning his arms around or venturing around the stage a little, his face for the most part was hidden by the large sunglasses that he was wearing at the time, we also got to hear him behind the mic a few times throughout the night providing backup vocals and a few lead spots as well. Aaron was a little more frugal in his stage presence he did a couple short back to back moves with the bassist and provided a little help with the vocals as well, for most of the songs he was singing but not into the mic more or less mimicking the lyrics with Chris. See Spot Run made people wait for their couple of hit songs and a couple of covers as well. Fudge got to sing lead vocals on Baby Got Back which I don’t think that I have ever heard someone cover live before, they did a great sounding cover of the song which also in turn woke the almost sombre crowd at the front of the stage. Following Baby Got Back they threw in “Jump Around” by House Of Pain. Once they started the intro to “Jump Around” the crowd immediately got right back into their set which helped them set the tone for the rest of the set. Everything the band did on stage via the arm waving and jumping went off without a hitch with the audience they had them where they needed them to finish off the night. Nearing the ending of the set they finally played one of their hit songs which was also their first hit song called “Lucy”. People gave a good cheer when they announced that was the next song and you could see the look on Chris begin to say ah they still know the song. To finish out the night they asked the audience what song we wanted to hear last and quickly everybody yelled out “Weightless” this time made the entire band smile because pretty much everybody left yelled out the same thing.