Silvergun And Spleen

Silvergun and Spleen made it to Kingston to play a show. The pair of queens when
it comes to Social Media in my eyes played one hell of a energetic set on
Sunday night. There was a bit of a over flow of people who cam e in after the
Billy Talent show finished up the street, which turned out to be not a bad
attendance for a Sunday Night At The Mansion. As you entered the Mansion they
had a nifty little photo booth set up filled with props which people could use
and have a Polaroid picture taken with the band.  

The energy
of their set was quite impressive throughout their entire time on stage. Not
leaving very much time in between songs they tried to go through their twelve
song set list as best as they good but eventually had to finish off their set
without playing their latest single “Crack” which was a bit of a kick in the
nuts because after watching the video I wanted to see the song live now. They
are out in support of their latest album Semi Truck that hit stores a little
while ago, and they slipped in “Kiss & Tell” from their previous album
Through My Skeleton. One almost disastrous event unfolded halfway through their
set as they were told that their tour Truck and Trailer was about to get towed,
but with keeping to the theme you Can’t Stop Rock N Roll they kept on playing
for us.

timing that Silvergun And Spleen has is pretty incredible. Between the Solo’s
that everyone takes during their songs, but none left more of an impression
then watching Merv and Vern work together. On a couple of occasions as Vern
stepped up for a solo Merv was right behind her and quickly tapping the pedal
which she needed which to most of the people in attendance I’m sure went unnoticed,
but to me it just spoke professionalism as a tight band.  John had to play double duties a few times
throughout their songs by adding in a drum machine at certain times, then
keeping up the timing and leading the songs off and to finally stay trying to
stay down on his Throne. Chris kept up the grooves on Bass tonight and was
probably the most photogenic and high spirited bass player play at the Mansion that
I have seen in a while. Billy Idol in my ears was a definite noticeable influence
when it came to Merv’s singing tonight, but still within her vocal capacities
for Silvergun and Spleen. It was great to hear “An Eye For An Eye” tonight as
this song contains a small but one of their cheekiest lines I think they have
written Just like Vanilla I’m Ice
Ice Baby
. “Semi Truck” which is the title track off the album played out
nearing the end of their set before the set did get cut short.

Hopefully the rest of their tour goes well and
they make it back to Kingston again sometime soon, since they are currently
based out of Ottawa.