Sleddogs Live @ The Acoustic Grill

On June 18, 2009 Sleddogs stopped in at the Acoustic Grill in Picton, Ontario for an intimate acoustic show. I thought that the Grad Club was one of the most intimate bars around but when you go to the Acoustic Grill you feel that you are apart of the band.

The Acoustic Grill is probably the most intimate live venue that you will ever go to. Besides the size and feel of the bar the one thing that really sets the Acoustic Grill above the rest is the sound quality. The extra work that they put into the ceiling and around the bar was well worth the time and effort. There is an extra sound barrier that was added to the ceiling which prevents the acoustics being lost in the ceiling. The sound also doesn’t bounce around the room and hits you at different angles the sound hits you straight on no matter where you are sitting or standing. The Acoustic grill is now going to be my favourite bar to travel to see a show at. It is well worth the hour drive to get to. But you do have to call in advance and reserve a seat to any show.

The Sleddogs show was sold out for a few days and I didn’t realize at the time that you needed to make reservations to get a spot, so I drove down and found out at the door that there was no more room, but luckily they found a seat and a little spot for me to stand in between the sound board and the bar so I could watch the show.

This is the third live acoustic show that I have watched the Sleddogs perform and they keep getting better and better. What I like the most about the acoustic shows are the different takes on the songs when they are stripped down to just two guitars or a piano and a guitar. The songs almost take on a different meaning in a way. I do however miss the drums in a couple of songs, I really miss the crashing of the cymbals in a couple of songs “Take me away” is one of the songs where you miss the drums not being there. Another great part about watching the solo acoustic shows are Kenny explains the origins and the meaning behind some of the songs. Most of the reasons behind the songs are explanations that I don’t think that I would ever be able to think of.

The set list for the night had songs from both of the Sleddogs albums, (Great Escape and Take Me Away). They also play songs off of Kenny’s solo album (Pretty Holiday). There were a couple of unreleased songs and soon to be released songs. Therwe were three cover songs that were played one of which was Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl”, I was hoping to hear “Heart Of Gold” because it sounded wicked the first time that they played the song along with Danny the last time they played in Picton. Neil Diamonds “Solitary man” was the second cover which they played and the third cover song that Michael and Kenny played was Eric Clapton’s “Sunshine Of Your Love”.

Another great fact about the Acoustic Grill ( is that they record all the performances as well, so I can’t wait to be able to get a copy of this recording.