Stompin Tom

I can finally say that I have watched Stompin’ Tom play live. One fact that I didn’t know was the how many stories and jokes that he can fit into the night.  As I write this I am still laughing about the “Newfie” trying to be a police officer in Toronto. It was one of those jokes where you had to be there to witness the joke for yourself.

The night was split into two sets, Tom began the first set by coming onto the stage around twenty five minutes into the first set, while letting his backing band play a few songs to begin the night. Heading into the night there were a few songs which I was hoping to hear which he did play all of them. Tom’s first song of the night was “Bud The Spud” followed with “Tillsonburg” the second the first note was hit in “Bud The Spud” everybody in the audience was already singing along clapping and stompin’ their feet along.

In between the first two songs Tom poured himself a cup of water but barked at the fact that someone put water into his jug. “Let me show you how a Newfie pours a drink” again you had to be there to witness it for yourself . After the third song the mild heckling started and Tom quickly yelled out “Close Your Mouth So We Can See You”. He had a few moments with the audience as they were yelling out songs to play. One of my favourite was when someone would yell out a title and he would simply say “I Don’t know it”.

Tom also didn’t stray away from politics quickly making light of the names of the American and Canadian politicians. Later on in the set Tom talked a little bit about our armoury while the Americans probably have never heard of the Potato Gun before and how we have a unlimited supply of ammo. “When that fella walks around his White House and gets a Potato in the forehead then he will know something is going on”.

While introducing his backing band Tom made of his fiddle player calling him the Lady Gaga of the band.  Which received a good laugh from the audience. Tom called him Gaga a couple of more times throughout the rest of the night.

Tom finished out his first set with “My Stompin Ground”.

After a half an hour intermission the fiddle player played about a two minute solo which was followed by few more songs before Stompin’ Tom made his way back out onto the stage. One of the opening songs was originally penned by Stompin’Tom.  I was a little surprised to hear a bluegrass cover of The Band “Shape I’m In”. During the break of each songs you could hear cries from the audience for Stompin’ Tom to come back out.

I don’t even think the first note even finished before the audience caught onto the fact that he was opening with “The Hockey Song”. Out of all the lyrics which the audience were singing they missed the fact that Tom left the lines “The Puck is In” open but half the audience missed it and Tom let them know it as well.

“Have you ever heard of the Cow Shit Clock?” which lead into “Margo’s Cargo”, during the song Tom missed a couple lines in the song and he laughed at himself for missing the lyrics but didn’t miss a beat on guitar and just hummed along until he found his place again.

During the introduction of “Luke’s Guitar” Tom announced that we where going to hear a Stompin’ Tom Hymn. During the last line in each verse Tom put an extra emphasize on the line, especially during the last line in the song. Which got a loud pop from the audience.

Just before “Sudbury Saturday Night”. Tom told the audience that he just wrote the song this morning and that he thinks “The chorus is pretty catchy see if you can catch it and if you can sing along”. To finish off the night Tom finished with the song “Muleskinner Blues”.