Sum 41

I was a little sceptical heading into the show last night. This was the first time that I have paid 30 bucks for a ticket before and I was scared that Sum 41 were only going to put on a half show and leave. But luckily they didn’t and put on one hell of a show.

The night started off earlier than advertised at eight thirty, which turned out to be a piss off because I missed Die mannequin and I really wanted to see the band. I don’t know why they started early but they did and I wasn’t alone waiting inline wondering why we could hear live music being played inside. I got inside after the security check to find Die Mannequin just leaving the stage. So here I was watching and waiting now for Social Code to take the stage.

The wait between the sets wasn’t all that brutal, probably about twenty or so minutes. I was surprised at all the crew that the bands had for clearing and setting up the gear. This was the first time that I have watched Social Code and they impressed the hell out of me. They are above most bands that would usually tag along a tour as this one. People were still filtering in throughout their performance. The lead singer even commented that this was a small crowd but they were going to give a show like there was twenty five thousand people in attendance, which they did. It seemed as though that all the girls that were in the front of the stage knew every word to every song that they played. They were playing songs off of their new album and previous album. But everybody seemed to follow their new music more than the older music. The lead singer new how to work with the stage that they had, but nearing the end of the set was when the other members seemed to come out from behind their mics. I was left impressed at the end of their set.

For Sum 41 there was a little bit of wait before they came out onto the stage. During the break I thought the show was going to be cancelled because the table that was housing the giant sound board collapsed onto the floor. I thought for sure that some kind of damage was done but by the quality of the sound throughout the night there didn’t seem to be. Even with my ear plugs in the sound was crystal clear, am I ever glad I brought them because the music was loud, louder than normal. I was also happy that I didn’t go down and stand in front of the stage because people were getting crushed all night long. I felt kind of bad for the security guards because they were getting sandwiched all night long. Deryck even made the comment a couple of times that they were kicking the shit out of each other. Sum 41 played pretty much most of their new album in which they are out supporting, and also everybody favourite songs. I am still a fan of their older music rather than their newer stuff. I was hoping to hear most of their older music which they did play. I was surprised to hear them play a couple of Gob and Anthrax tracks. I remember a couple of years ago when I saw them play Edgefest in Ottawa they played a couple of metal tracks. They seem to want to play Metal tracks but I think they know what sells and doesn’t sell. They still have the same stage antics as they did when they first started out. Kind of reminds me of the Beastie Boys. I could have done without the Fuck you chants that they had going a couple of times, but its not like you hear that everyday so I will let it pass as a good crowd cooperation. At one point in time they had a beer guzzling contest and one person was picked out of the crowd because he thought he could play guitar better than Deryck could. This guy couldn’t play worth of shit, but he had the balls to get up on stage and get laughed at by everybody. I would also like to mention that the light show was pretty phenomenal. This was the best light yet to date that I have seen in Kingston thus far. The timing for everything seemed to be perfectly timed with the band. The band also made sure that they went through a few picks throughout the night as they were tossing one or two out into the crowd after every song. I almost got the one that was thrown onto the second balcony but as my hand touched the pick a girl stomped on my fingers and she ended up getting it as I pulled my hand back in pain. The band came out after their first set and played three more songs. The last song that they played Deryck went up and played the drums and Steve came down to the mic. I could have down without Steve on the mic as you couldn’t understand a thing that he was yelling into the mic. At the end of the night I was left happy even though I missed the first two bands.