Sum Thin Ugly with General Chaos

Saturday Night  @ Revolutions Kingston Welcomed back Sum Thin Ugly

After about a three year break Sum Thin Ugly is back with a new line up and a slew of new songs.

Opening up Saturday was General Chaos fronted by Ken Hemlow. It seems every time that I see Ken play live he seems to be fronting a new bad, He has never sounded better. But he was short his one instrument that sets him apart from other front men in Kingston and that was his Chainsaw. Nothing says rock than a Chainsaw blazing from the front of the stage. Tonight General Chaos ran down a few classic rock and heavy rock covers including AC/DC with extra lyrics added in for a final touch.  One of my favourite covers which they did was “White Wedding” General Chaos’s version sounded a little heavier and a bit faster. It was really the vocals and the guitars which took this song over for me. At the start of the song Ken talked about the playing the Billy Joel song but was soon corrected by the rest of the band that he had the wrong Billy. One song which grabbed me by surprise was “Anarchy In The UK” it was one of the songs which stuck out a little more then the others mostly because the song didn’t really follow the genre as the other songs and people don’t usually play this as a cover song as well.

I Can’t Explain
All Right Now
All Day And All Of The Night
You May Be Right
Mr. Nice Guy
White Wedding
You Really Got Me
Radar Love
Anarchy In The UK
Dirty Deeds

Finally Sum Thin Ugly has returned a there are a couple of new members to the lineup including Jeff Lake on vocals and  Derek Ingram on guitar and original members including Randy Cook on lead guitar, Dean Neron on drums and Steve Ubdergrove on Bass Guitar.

Sum Thin Ugly started their set off with Sin City and rocked the shit so hard that it knock out a couple of screws in Deans drum set. Throughout a few of the song Jeff changed a few of the lyrics in favour of getting the crowd going. This show had to be the loudest Sum Thin Ugly show that I have seen to date, and I know I have seen quite a few of them now. It didn’t take long for the dance floor to start to fill up partially.  While running through a few classic rock songs including Rockin Is Ma Business, Feel the Shake. But skipping down to halfway through their set they started to kick out the heavier jams with Stone Temple Pilots Sex Type Things and The Tea Party “The Writing’s On The Wall. I thought it was a interesting choice by splitting up the The Stone Temple Pilots and The Tea Party with a Bad Company song. While getting everybody going with a hard rock song which got a huge rise out of the audience they split the two up with the classic “Can’t Get Enough”. The Uglies finished off their first set with “Cold Comfort and Show Me How”. My definite favourite song of the first set was their cover of The Stone Temple Pilots, once they played the opening lick I really couldn’t believe it at first but they nailed the song and it for me it looks like the Uglies may have taken a new turn.

To open up their second set after a lengthy intermission they started off with an acoustic song cover of “Working Class Hero”.  I was surprised by they length of time which it took Sum Thin Ugly to play one of their main songs which to me is their theme song,  “S.T.U”. I thought originally that they would have played this song first as bitter sweet comeback song for the band.  My favourite cover of the second set was “Mississippi Queen”. It’s the riff that does it every time for me as long as the riff is done right the song is a perfect fit for every rock cover band. My second favourite cover was “Hard To Handle”. they made the song just a little heavier than what is normally played and Jeff take of the vocals was a refreshing lift to the song.