Telefoto CD Release Party with The Belle Tones

On Friday night Telefoto released their much awaited debut album at the Sydenham United Church.

Telefoto made sure that this album release show was going to be one which was going to be remembered. With state of the art recording and audio system in place and with the addition of a light show which I don’t think that the church is ever going to see again. The name of Telefoto’s album is called The Minor Keys Of Desperate Hope.

The Belle Tones opened up the night, they are former local duo who are currently based in Ottawa. One thing that I have to say right away is they can sing especially Heather Bell. Heather probably would have been able to loose her microphone and everybody would have still been able to hear her sing at the back of the church. The Belle Tones only play with one acoustic guitar which is played by Samantha and Vocals and Heather on lead vocals. The Belle Tones played six songs for their opening set before Telefoto took to the stage. Most of their songs were their own creation which made their set a little more interesting and enjoyable. They closed out their set with an Arcade Fire cover which had the audience clapping along from start to finish. I probably could talk for hours about how their impressive their vocals were.

Jim Elyot from 989.9 The Drive introduced Telefoto to the stage to a very loud applause from the audience. Telefoto first thanked everyone for coming and making this event a success and announced they were going to be playing their entire new album during their set. Out of all the album release parties that I have been to this would be the first time that a band has played their entire album instead of a couple of songs mixed with their older songs. It took a couple of songs for the lights to really start capturing the moment and sound of the music which was being played especially since the tempo was changing around so much. I was surprised at the gear set up which Telefoto had onstage, there were two keyboards and the Tim’s electronic drums all running through one laptop which sat beside the drums. The laptop turned out to be one of the major driving force behind their sound as well, as there was an large amount of backing tracks running and playing in the background of their songs. Due to the fact that they did have so many in feeds going into the laptop at one time it did lead to a short intermission in the middle of their set. There were a couple of songs which I enjoyed, one of my favourite songs which they played left out most of their electronica sound and left the song as a more alternative track. Unfortunately for me the song just so happened to be their shortest song off of the album and ending in under three minutes. The sound of their new album in generally a electronica ambience sound especially how the vocals seem to smooth over the lyrics, more of a Pink Floyd sound but with more of a electronic ambience sound. At the end of their set the audience wasn’t satisfied yet and called out of for more which Telefoto eagerly obliged.

You can pick up your copy of the album The Minor Keys Of Desperate Hope at all the major outlets in town.