Terrestrial Culture album release party

Saturday night at The Mansion Terrestrial had the release party for their latest album titled Culture, with guests Bellower and Shushlang

The lineup tonight had three almost completely different sounds. With Bellower coming in with more of a metal rock sound and Shushlang being a funk rock band and then Terrestrial who has a sound all of their own which is a mix of many many different genres, but to save you some guessing I would peg Terrestrials evolving sound as a mix of dark grunge with Alternative, Gothic and a bit of rock thrown in.

Starting off the night was Bellower. Their sound is a little unique in a way, they blend in a few different genres within their writing and they don’t have a specific sound just yet. One of the biggest hardships for me during their set was the vocals, their just wasn’t any punch to them every line and lyric just seemed to fall flat. Now when the bassist used a few growls in a couple of the songs they fit in but they didn’t last all that long, it was almost as if it was a spur of the moment deal. It would be cool to see how the growls and screams would sound as a lead vocal instead. The pauses that they threw in gave their writing ability a bit of a step in their sound, it helped show that they have a few timing spots in their songs. Hopefully they work on their sound and songs as they wait for their next show.


Up next was a band that I first saw in the Landmark band competition, I honestly couldn’t remember very much from that performance but I know I will remember this one. For a young bunch of guys can they play and write. You should check them out next time you have a chance their guitar skills are quite impressive especially at their age. Their blend of funk, jazz and rock was quite entertaining. They also showed great timing execution throughout their set as well, especially when they cut the tempo right down right in the middle of what seemed to be an extended bridge and it actually fooled us in the audience thinking that the song was coming to an end and proceeded to clap and we ( the audience) were off by about a minute. Now it seemed as if they were leading their set all the way until the last song as they played one hell of a funky version of “Foxy Lady”.


With an ever evolving sound Terrestrial unleashed their “new” sound and songs upon us tonight. One thing for sure is every time that I see Terrestrial play they have worked on their songs and have made a couple or major changes to the songs and the set list is always completely different. Now with just one lead guitarist with Matt helping out in a couple of the songs to add an extra layer/noise onto a couple of songs. Matt seemed to be a bit more energetic tonight than the last couple of times I have seen them play. His keyboard stand didn’t stand a chance tonight as he found his Korg hitting the stage a couple of times during the set, even the mic stand ended up into the audience a few times as well. The vocals in the new songs were more of a screaming attire than singing and a little less audible than normal, it would have been nice to make out what he was singing a little bit more tonight. To add in the rock aspect in their set they pretty much did that right from the start with their opening song “Metropolis” as the Curt went into his opening riff after Matt’s finished off what he was playing there were heavy signs of Golden Earrings Radar Love in the riff. “Full Body Cast “ was one of my favourite songs from their set tonight, there was something a little bit extra with the energy from the crowd and Terrestrial that came from this one.  To finish off the album release party and after playing the last song on Culture “Sleepwalking” T3rrestrial finished off the night with a track from their last record “Sharks In Our Swimming Pools”