The Besides with guests Jonas Lewis Anthony and The Zeds

On Saturday night The Besides with guests Jonas Lewis Anthony and The Zeds  and local comedians took to The Time To Laugh Stage.

Starting things off was Big Kris doing a short standup routine which led Into The Zeds taking to the stage. The easiest way to sum up the lead singers vocals would be an all hits radio dj. Being only a duo consisting of a drummer and the lead singer on acoustic guitar they did a pretty good job at keeping the audience entertained. Their set consisted of a few covers with the audience favourite being “Wonderwall” but it was definitely tied close with The Tragically Hip cover they played as well. The drums definitely overshadowed the guitars a few times throughout their set, they were quite a bit louder from where I was standing at the back of the room and the liveliness of the drums compared to the acoustic guitar helped make them stand out a bit more. One last thing that I have to add is that the lead singer definitely cracked me up when he was talking in between songs with his accent that he donned onstage.

Ange Stever was the next comedian onstage; her jokes were a little different and toned down from the last time I saw her perform which I think was at Greg Balls album release party.

Following Ange was a musician who was interviewed at Fm 96 a little while ago, Jonas Lewis Anthony, his was another acoustic, drum setup but they should have left the drums at home. It was a good thing that Jonas said later on in his set that this was the first time that they were trying the drums out. The drums were a major drag throughout his set. His vocals throughout his set were quite impressive; I was really shocked by how strong they were especially when he went into the deeper rougher tones. Their set consisted of originals and covers as well. He first hit off with a Bob Dylan voice over that got a few laughs from the audience which he quickly took out after the first line and he moved into his own vocals again. His sparsely covering of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Thrift Shop was one of the songs that he had the audience join in on the lyrics. Later on in the set he had the audience start yelling out song titles or artists and he would add the lyrics to what he was playing.  Hopefully I get to see more of Jonas play live throughout Kingston.

To finish off the night The Besides took to the stage with a bit of a different lineup from the last time I saw them play. Before they started Spenny talked about the name of the band and how their song selection works, they take the B sides from the top musicians that they grew up listening to. This is the third time now that I have watched The Besides play live and this was definitely the best one out of the three. It was pretty easy to see that Spenny has been working on his vocals and lead duties. Spenny plays the rhythm to the songs and lets Paul play all of the lead and solo work in each song that they play. Tonight they had Chris Jackson join them on Bass guitar instead of Winston. The length of t heir set was quite extensive tonight compared tot he other times that I have watched The Besdies play, they played a good solid forty five minute set tonight. Their set had a few of the same songs that I have watched them play before with my favourite still being their Chuck Berry cover. About midway through their set Spenny took a quick couple of seconds to introduce the next song “Stray Cat Blues” and also to address the anger and posts that people were making about his cover of the song. To finish off the night with one of the best set ending songs of all time they invited Jonas back on stage to help with the vocals on The Band – The Weight.