The Brothers Landreth Live at The Artel

This was the first time that I have been to the Artel this year and I forgot how much of an intimate venue this place can be. If you ever wanted to experience a house concert at a semi private location than this is the place where you have to go. There is no stage to break the floor barrier just the back half of the living room and the seating is limited but has some comfy couches and a few chairs but there is plenty room on the floor if you don’t want to stand or block anybody else from enjoying the show. The next best thing is the fact that the music is not blaring loud the volume is kept at a decent level which is quite nice to hear once in a while.

Tonight’s lineup was a pair of solo acoustic openers, Katie Beth and Paras Memon and the Headlining act the very talented The Bros. Landreth.

Katie Beth being an old friend of The Bros.Landreth started off the night. By the time Katie started the Artel had a decent amount of people sitting and standing in the front room. Her set started off quite quietly and it didn’t take long for her to engage the audience and even managing to get the audience to sing along with her lyrics within her first couple of songs which most times can be a downing moment for a musician. The quick whistling part didn’t work out too well for her at the start but a few of the audience members decided to help her out a little in the back. After playing a quick set she left the floor and it lead into a Artel Resident Paras Memon. For being such a young songwriter her themes seemed to be a couple of years ahead of her time. She announced almost right away that she was quite nervous about her set tonight but she was able to shake all of that away after she finished her first song and received a wide applause from the audience. Her set was quite quiet throughout its quick duration; her voice was quite soft which was followed along her guitar playing as well. By the time her set was done I believe she gained enough confidence in herself.

The set tonight from The Bros.Landreth is a bit of a bonus for me, as I just saw them blow away a packed Paquin Entertainment showcase show at the CMW’s a week earlier. Getting to see the guys play again a week later in such a setting such as the Artel was awesome. It didn’t take the guys long at all to start showcasing what they are being quickly renowned for.  I can guarantee The Artel is never going to see the same level of Slide guitar that Joey played tonight ever again.  The Bros. Landreth is still hitting the road hard in support of their album titled “Let It Lie”, so we got treated to a nice big taste of the album. I also can’t forget to mention the harmonies throughout their set as well, with Dave leading the way by adding in the heavy hit of backing vocals. Now watching the band in a small setting such as this compared to the much larger venue The Rivoli I really got to hear a bit of a sound difference in their songs and the harmonies are definitely one of the biggest attributes in their songs that stuck out tonight at The Artel. Later on in the set it seemed I was not the only previous fan of The Bros. Landreth as a couple yelled out “Greenhouse” about mid set which they did end up playing for them. There were a few songs that I had to hear once again and luckily I got my inner wish for this, as they played “Let It Lie” (which was pretty much going to be a given being the title track), “Tappin’ On The Glass” – mostly due to the vocals in this song with Joey leading the way on this one, and the harmonies but that extra smooth buttering touch to the song.  Even though this song is not one of their own I still couldn’t get over their cover of “Jesus On The Mainline” that they played at The Rivoli the week before. “Nothing” was another song that I had to hear again, being the song is one of the slowest songs in their set I still had to hear it again and to listen and watch Alex steal the limelight away again for me with the organ and mainly the harmonica that he adds in the song. When they finished off their set they thought that they were done as well but the audience wanted more which almost looked as though it caught the guys off guard at first, so Joey stayed out to played us a solo and the rest of the band came back out from the back and joined in on one last song of the night.

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Now being the fact that the room was pretty much only lighted by two lightbulbs, and I don’t think the guys would have approved of a flash going off in their face  I’ve included the photos that I took a week earlier at The Rivoli.

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