The Campfire Liars Club live at Pan Chancho Bakery

Thursday night at Pan Chancho Bakery patio hosted a
entertaining evening with The Campfire Liars Club. Not only did we get to see a
great entertaining show but your ticket also got you a premier bbq meal as

This was my second time watching The Campfire Liars Club,
and I must say tonight’s show was one for the books, I almost found myself
waiting for each song to end to hear what story each member was going to come
out with next. Along with the stories they also played host to a slew of jokes
as well. To me that is what makes their shows stand out compared to your normal
concert. They are there to have a good time and entertain as well as play a few
songs. For me the second set was packed with more jokes than the first and I’m
pretty sure it was because what was being beer which was being consumed before
the show and during the first break. Paul made sure to make light of Greg’s
condition a few times throughout the second set, which did bring along a joke
near the end of the night to close out a song, “Greg is stoned, Jim is Drunk
and Jeff is sleepy”. This received a wide applause and laughter from the
audience, and the facial expressions which came from Greg made the joke

For people who don’t know what the Campfire Liars Club is
the band is made up of Paul Langlois, Jeff Montgomery, Jim Tidman and Greg
Ball. How the night works is they each take turns playing a song and each
member plays along as they seem fit. But what was made light of as well during
the night was how during a couple of songs Jeff was leaning on his guitar with
his hand underneath his chin staring off at the stars. I didn’t even think the
rest of the band would have noticed this but they did and they made sure they
slipped in a few jokes about his actions later on in the set. With the four
acoustic guitars all coming together really creates a different atmosphere
during the night as well, as the first time which I saw the Campfire Liars Club
play at the Mansion Paul made use of the drums which were set up in the back of
the stage. I also like the fact that each night is going to be almost
completely different as there is no real list of songs which they are going to
play each night, and they play what they feel like playing and joining in when
they wish to. Each member did play songs from each of their own previously
released albums Greg’s being the latest release. Jeff stayed close to home with
each of his songs which was also noticed by the rest of the band and made a few
comments about the detail later on in the set.  Also joining the guys on stage was Jim’s
brother on harmonica who also played on Jim’s album as well, he played rather
quietly in the background but the extra effect which it had on the songs can
not really be described rather you had to be there to witness the sound for
yourself. Greg also asked if he was able to stay on stage for a couple of more
songs as well as he wanted the harp sound backing him up as well.To finish off
the night they played a cover song from The Band – The Weight, the lead up to
the song was pretty good as they didn’t leave the stage but Paul tried to set
the scene out by explaining the details of what was suppose to happen as if
they left the stage and they have made their way back out. The cover song was a
perfect song to cap the night off as it brought forth a nice harmonic tone to
finish off the evening.