The Day Street Brothel Album Release Show

Sunday night proved that Kingston supports its local acts as the Day Street Brothel rocked the Sh*t out of the Time To Laugh.

What was interesting about this show the most to me was the fact that this was Day Street Brothels first live show and also served as their CD release show as well. When I talked to the band backstage I asked them why they chose to go this route and their answer made sense. They just wanted to get this big show out of the way and instead of playing one show and then in a couple of days play a CD release show.

What really drives me into loving DSB is the vocals and guitars. Vocals and Guitars is the driving behind the band. I can’t remember hearing a band where the vocals and guitar standout like they do in DSB. If the band looses Doug there is no point in trying to carry on. If you listen to the album and think that the vocals have been tweaked by the soundboard, you are sadly mistaken, they are as rock solid and kick F’n ass live as they do on the album. I probably could go on for about an hour about how much the Vocals kicked ass.

DSB was also the only band on the bill as they played for over an hour. They took about a half hour break during the middle of their set to go and thank everybody who came out and supported their release party. I will admit that the audience looked like it was going to be a small one at the start of the night but people started to filter in throughout the night and ended up with a nice sized audience on a Sunday night especially for Kingston.

The lighting in the Time To Laugh has improved since the last time that I was there and it did help with the stage presence. I wasn’t all that impressed however with the little laser designs that they shot across the stage but luckily they only were on for a couple of songs. I think Danko Jones said it best when he said all the lighting sucks just give me the main three lights!!

DSB played a couple of cover songs throughout the night. Cumbersome they were requested into playing the song again in their second set because of how well they performed the song. They also played Godsmack Alive which sounded awesome, The vocals again is what made this songs shine. What Kingston show would really be without a Tragically Hip song, DSB chose to play New Orleans Is Sinking. Another song that DSB played twice and also used the song to finish out their show with this song is Heaven Sent. They also had the song played on K- Rock a few minutes just before the doors were about to be open.

One last quick thing that I have to mention is Jonathan broke his first guitar string on stage but it ended up being a good thing. While he was switching guitars each member of the band had a chance to go a small solo. Each of the Solos sounded great but it was Doug who came out with the line of the night. About halfway through his solo he asked if Jonathan if he was done yet and then said “I can keep this up all night long” the timing of the line was the best because he was in a mid string bend when he said it.